Honeycomb coal punching machine can be used to process coal briquettes and charcoal briquettes of different shapes. Shuliy factory often exports honeycomb coal machines to Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and other African countries. Recently, we once again exported a honeycomb coal punching machine with an output of 1t/h to Uganda.

Why does Shuliy often export honeycomb coal machines to Africa?

With the gradual advancement of world peace, the economies of many African countries are currently developing rapidly. The introduction of a series of industrial equipment has accelerated the social progress of many African countries to a certain extent.

Especially in the charcoal processing industry, many African countries have imported charcoal processing equipment and opened charcoal factories to produce charcoal efficiently and environmentally. The commercial honeycomb coal punching machine is a kind of coal deep processing equipment, which has also been favored by many African customers.

square coal briquettes
square coal briquettes

On the other hand, in order to support the construction in Africa, the Shuliy factory usually provides all African customers with the most cost-effective charcoal machine. This is also an important reason why our honeycomb coal machine and other charcoal processing equipment are selling well in African countries.

Details of honeycomb coal machine order for Uganda

More than 90% of households in Uganda and sub-Saharan regions use firewood and charcoal as fuel. Therefore, the local demand for finished coal products is very large.

The Ugandan customer was very interested in our honeycomb coal punching machine after seeing our YouTube video. So he took the initiative to contact the sales manager of our factory.

The Ugandan customer stated that he has been engaged in charcoal production for two years. His factory mainly produces natural hardwood charcoal.

According to the processing needs of the Ugandan customer, we recommended a honeycomb coal punching machine with an output of 1t/h. The customer said that he wanted to process charcoal briquettes of different shapes, so we customized his honeycomb coal machine with different shapes The extrusion die plate of the die.