How much space does a charcoal plant take?

According to the different charcoal production processes, the choices for the charcoal machine of our customers are also different. For example, one of our Pakistan customers bought only the self-ignition carbonization furnace for making wood charcoal and log charcoal, so that his investing budget and charcoal production space are very small. Another Philippine customer bought the whole charcoal production line which mainly includes crusher, dryer, sawdust briquette machine, and the charcoal furnace. Due to his requirement for producing charcoal on large scale, so that his investment is relatively big.

Why there are differences in buying charcoal making machine?

charcoal production line
charcoal production line

Due to the widespread use of charcoal products and the popularity of the charcoal production industry, charcoal machinery has attracted more and more attention from investors from all over the world. Users who know about charcoal production should know that the production of charcoal is not something that can be done with one or two machines.

Investing in the production of charcoal requires not only the purchase of charcoal machines but also the production of raw materials, production sites, electricity, and production technologies. Only by taking these important factors into consideration, investing in charcoal machines can really make money for themselves.

How to calculate the production space of the charcoal making?

customer feedback of the charcoal production site
customer feedback of the charcoal production site

The production site size of the charcoal machine corresponds to the daily output of the charcoal machine. The larger the output, the larger the area of the equipment. In order to give customers a better explanation, we use a 1-ton charcoal machine production line to explain. The charcoal machine production line is equipped with a pulverizer, a dryer, a briquettes extruder machine, a carbonization furnace, etc., and covers an area of about 60 square meters.

At the same time, since the height of the drying equipment, after installation is about 3.5 meters, the height of the workshop should be greater than 3.5 meters. In addition, it is recommended that the workshop air can maintain a good cycle of more than 4 meters.

In addition to the production of barbecue charcoal, we also need the corresponding material stacking site and finished product warehouse. One ton of charcoal is produced a day, and the raw material generally needs about 3 tons. The charcoal yield of different raw materials is different.

charcoal making machines
charcoal making machines

Space calculation method for charcoal plant

Sawdust occupies a relatively small area, while raw materials such as peanut rafts and branches are relatively large in size. The finished product warehouse is mainly used to place the finished charcoal produced, and the general environment should be relatively dry.

In general, we need more than 200 square meters of space, including raw material storage, finished goods warehouse, and office space. Before investing in charcoal production, we need to consider the rental and investment costs of the site.

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