Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

coconut shell charcoal

Recently, many customers who come from Southeast Asia countries have bought our Shuliy machinery’s charcoal making machine with raw materials like coconut shell and rice husk. Especially the coconut shell charcoal making machine was well sold in Southeast Asia market where the coconut shell is very abundant and needed to be reused. Our Shuliy coconut shell charcoal making machine has solved the problem of how to dispose of coconut shell and convert these rich raw materials into economic advantages in some degree of the Southeast Asia countries. The charcoal machines with high efficiency have been welcomed in domestic and foreign markets and successfully drove the economic development and increased the income of the users.

coconut shell wood

How does the coconut shell Charcoal Making Machine work?

As the professional charcoal making machine manufacturer over 10 years, Shuliy machinery has developed coconut shell charcoal machinery for a large amount of sale, which is equipped with double layers furnace, condenser system, dust collector, the cooling system so on. Many kinds of materials like wood chips, branches, coconut shell, rice husk, peanut shell, and straw can be used to produce high-quality charcoal. The following is the production process on how to make coconut shell charcoal.

Before carbonizing the coconut shell, we should set the crusher and dryer in the charcoal production line as pretreatment equipment, which can crack the raw material like coconut shell into small pieces whose size should be less than 50 mm and then guarantee the moisture of coconut shell is lower than 20%; Then, the next step is to carbonization of the coconut shell which is crushed and dried before. The continuous carbonization furnace is important charcoal making machine for producing coconut shell charcoal.


In the charcoal production line, we can use screw conveyor to transport the processed materials into the carbonization furnace, then fire the wood or coal at the bottom of the furnace to create the high temperature and high pressure for good carbonization. When the inside furnace reaches the specific temperature at about 280℃, the coconut shell charcoal will be formed gradually and the combustible gas, wood vinegar, and wood tar will also be produced. And every ton of charcoal produced can produce 20 kg of wood vinegar.

After the cooling system, the coconut shell charcoal’s temperature will be less than 30℃ and it can be discharged and collected directly; The combustible gas has played an important role in the whole production process because combustible gas can be recycled to heat the furnace after purified by dust collector, which can not only save more traditional fuel but also can protect environment from air pollution. The whole process of coconut shell charcoal making is very efficient and safe and with big advantages of energy-saving and large capacity.

coconut shell
coconut shell

High value-added products of coconut shell charcoal Making-Machine

During the production process of coconut shell charcoal, there will be a lot of wood tar and wood vinegar which can be sold to many industries as precious materials for further process. So that the customers who invest in charcoal machines can get their cost back soon and obtain more profits.

Main advantages of coconut shell charcoal making-machine

  1. The new designed continuous carbonization furnace can greatly reduce the carbonizing time and charcoal’s cooling time which can increase the working efficiency of making charcoal.
  2. The coconut shell charcoal making machine is always used in the charcoal production line, which can be used in the match with crusher, dryer, screw conveyor and other machines so that can realize the automatic production of charcoal.
  3. The end products like coconut shell charcoal are the best material for making activated carbon in many industries, especially in today’s cosmetics industry. So the sale of coconut shell charcoal has a promising prospect.
  4. We have all kinds of charcoal making-machine with different models can meet different clients’needs, and we can also customize the charcoal making-machine for our customers who want to invest in charcoal production.