With the increasing application of charcoal products, more and more people are investing in the charcoal processing industry. Can the charcoal business make money? What equipment is needed to invest in a small charcoal processing plant? Here are four factors that you should notice.

Four factors about setting the charcoal processing plants

Raw materials

The ideal raw materials for the production of charcoal are hardwood, bamboo or sawdust. The use of straw and other crops and organic waste to process charcoal has high technical requirements, and the quality of the finished product will not be too good, and the market space is narrow. But it is not impossible, it depends on the actual situation in your area.

customer feedback of the charcoal production site
customer feedback of the charcoal production site

Capital (Take a charcoal plant with a daily output of one ton as an example)

  1. Main equipment (including molding machine, dryer, carbonization furnace, pulverizer, etc.).
  2. Auxiliary equipment, including electric welding machines, grinders, conveyor belts, dust collectors, etc.
  3. Whether it is a self-built factory or a lease, sufficient funds must be prepared in this regard.
  4. Build a kiln. Although the cost of the earthen kiln is low, the cycle is also long. A kiln with a capacity of one ton produces at least 8 days. Therefore, to ensure that one ton of charcoal is produced per day, at least 8 kiln must be covered. Or you can consider using a continuous carbonization furnace or a self-ignition type carbonization furnace.
  5. If there is a large-capacity transformer near the factory building, this part of the investment will be relatively small, just a simple line equipment cost.
charcoal production line

Working place setting

For the workshop where the equipment is placed, the area is not less than 100 square meters. The lifting frame of the house must be higher than three meters, and it is better to reach more than 3.5 meters, because whether it is drying or molding.

There will be more or less smoke in the workshop throughout the production process, people will feel uncomfortable after staying for a long time. Elevated houses can improve the working environment for workers. There are certain benefits to fire prevention. The warehouse is mainly used for storing finished products. There are not many requirements, and there is no hidden danger of fire.

Charcoal production craft

The charcoal production technology mainly includes two aspects, one is the technology of charcoal molding. The second is carbonization technology. As for the former, if you choose the right professional charcoal machine equipment manufacturers, these manufacturers will be responsible for teaching you how to use the equipment until you can operate independently.