The honeycomb coal briquette machine is the molding equipment that uses processed coal powder or charcoal powder as raw material and presses into briquettes in the shape of briquettes by stirring.

Shuliy’s briquettes can be customized, and customers can press various shapes of coal briquettes and charcoal briquettes by replacing the extrusion die.

In addition, the raw materials used for processing are also diversified. Coal powder, charcoal powder, cow dung, straw coal, furfural residue, etc. can all be compressed by honeycomb coal briquette machine.

In order to ensure the production efficiency of the honeycomb coal briquette machine and reduce the failure rate of the machine, we need to master the correct installation and maintenance skills of the honeycomb coal briquette machine.

industrial honeycomb coal machine manufacturer
industrial honeycomb coal machine manufacturer

Honeycomb coal machine’s installation and maintenance

  1. Before using the machine, the machine needs to be firmly fixed on a flat concrete foundation.
  2. Remove oil and debris from the machine, and fill the transmission and movement parts of the machine with lubricating oil.
  3. Check whether the screws in each part of the honeycomb coal machine are loose.
  4. Adjust the position and gap of the machine’s turning, stamping and other parts. After adjustment, you should move the pulley by hand to check whether the running parts are running smoothly.
  5. The direction of the pulley of the main machine of the machine is clockwise forward. Before starting the machine, remove the V-belt to test the rotation of the motor. The steering of the electric motor is the same as that of the big wheels of the rotating machine before the triangle belt test machine can be installed.
  6. When testing the machine, first use the inching method to make the motor rotate in pulses. If there is no other noise, the machine can only be started when it runs normally.