We are thrilled to share the success story of Shuliy Factory’s recent export of an SL-180 machine for making briquette charcoal to a valued customer in Kenya. This collaboration highlights our commitment to providing high-quality equipment and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of the charcoal briquette industry. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable customer case.

briquettes machine in Shuliy factory
briquettes machine in Shuliy factory

Kenya customer requirements for briquettes machine

Our customer in Kenya expressed their interest in purchasing a charcoal briquettes machine to process charcoal briquettes with diameters of 32mm and 40mm.

They intended to package the finished products and export them to European countries. In their local market, hardwood charcoal is widely available and cost-effective, making it an abundant and affordable raw material for their production.

Solutions for charcoal briquettes machine in Kenya

Shuliy Factory recommended the SL-180 machine for making briquette charcoal to meet the customer’s requirements. This machine is renowned for its robust construction, high efficiency, and versatility in producing charcoal briquettes of different sizes. It’s user-friendly design and advanced technology ensure optimal performance and consistent quality.

Feedback from Kenya of machine for making briquette charcoal

Upon receiving the SL-180 machine, our Kenyan customer was impressed with its performance and ease of operation. The machine efficiently transformed the locally available hardwood charcoal into high-quality briquettes with precise diameters of 32mm and 40mm.

With the ability to adjust the machine settings, our customer achieved the desired briquette density and shape, meeting the specifications required for European markets.

Welcome to order Shuliy’ briquette machine

The successful export of the SL-180 machine for making briquette charcoal to Kenya exemplifies Shuliy Factory’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions to our customers’ specific needs.

Our expertise in providing reliable equipment and comprehensive support has solidified our reputation as a trusted supplier in the charcoal briquette industry. We are proud to support our Kenyan customer in their venture to produce and export high-quality charcoal briquettes to European countries.