Palm tree can be said to be a “money tree”, which has wide usage in many fields, even its waste kernel shell can be made into biomass fuel or high-quality palm kernel shell charcoal. It has been recognized by the world as a rare energy-saving fuel. In the palm oil refining process, the core is extracted from the pulp, and then the shell of the core is cut off, and the shell part of which is palm kernel shell (PKS). In the past,  because the value is not high, palm shell has been abandoned for a long time.

Actually, the heat produced by burning palm kernel shells is much higher than that produced by conventional biofuels, and its unique chemical properties can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is actually a very good biomass fuel. Now, with the development of carbonization technology, palm kernel shell can also be carbonized by charcoal making machine into high-quality charcoal which is widely used in many industry aspects.

How to make palm kernel shell charcoal through the charcoal machine

Generally, the palm kernel shell should be crushed into the small particles which should be smaller than 50mm in diameter. Therefore, we should equip with proper pretreatment devices like crusher together with the charcoal making machine like carbonization furnace. And if the shell’s water content is more than 20%, we also need to set the dryer machine for drying it before carbonizing. These two steps can ensure that the palm kernel shells are fully processed and improve the quality of palm kernel shell charcoal.

We can choose the continuous carbonization furnace for making palm kernel shell charcoal directly. Besides, we can do the automatic and large scale production of palm shell charcoal by means of using conveyors.  The palm shells will be conveyed to the carbonizing furnace through the belt conveyor, and when the furnace reaches the related temperature, these palm shells will generate combustible gas that can be used to provide heating for the furnace.

When the carbonization process is finished, the combustible gas will be further purified through spray dedusting system and the condenser system to remove the harmful components and we can also get the precious chemical materials such as wood tar and wood vinegar.

Wide applications of the palm kernel shell charcoal from the charcoal machine

  1. Palm kernel shell charcoal has high calorific value and small ash content after combustion. It is a very good biomass fuel and can be widely used in steel smelting and industrial heating.
  2. Palm kernel shell charcoal is the raw material for the production of high-quality activated carbon and can be decomposed into ethanol and other industrial products. In addition, it can also be processed into other industrial products like mosquito-repellent incense, oil paint, etc.
  3. In addition, since the palm kernel shell charcoal is smokeless, odorless and burns for a long time, it can be widely used for barbecue, restaurant, and household heating.

Palm kernel shell charcoal machine features:

Many kinds of charcoal machine can be used for making palm shell charcoal. Especially the continuous carbonization furnace which has the high working efficiency and realize the continuous production of charcoal with non-stop for cooling. This charcoal machine can also be used to carbonize other raw materials like rice husk, coconut shell, bamboo, wood chips, sawdust, straw and so on, which is multi-purpose charcoal making machine and can make big profits for you.