According to experiments, wood shredder manufacturers have proved that there are many factors that affect the low output of wood crusher machines. Among them, there are both internal equipment and external environmental factors. It cannot be determined from only one single aspect when it comes to deciding the reason for wood crusher output.

The hardness of the raw material

Some wood with high hardness will be more difficult to break because the speed of the blade will slow down for the resistance is large, and the crushing capacity will be reduced. More than that, the blades inside the shredder will also be worn.

The humidity of the material

The humidity can affect the efficiency of the wood crushers. When the material has a large moisture content, the crushed pieces are prone to stick to each other in the crushing chamber, and it is also easy to block during the feeding and conveying process, resulting in a reduction in crushing capacity and a decrease in output. Therefore, when conditions permit, the humidity of the material can be reduced as much as possible, and the drying operation can be carried out by natural drying or drying machine to avoid the reduction of machine output.

Fineness of finished sawdust

The finer the crushed material is required, the smaller the output will be. Only by improving the quality of related technologies and equipment can it be possible to increase output while ensuring fineness.

Blades will influnce the wood ctusher output
Blades will influence the wood crusher output

The equipment components wear out

The shredder needs regular maintenance. The blade is a vulnerable part and needs to be sharpened or replaced regularly. Only in the proper state of production, the pulverizer can reach the normal output.