This industrial rotary charcoal grinder is mainly used to crush large particles of charcoal powder into fine powder. The machine also has a stirring function during the crushing process, so users can directly add a certain proportion of binder and water into the machine for mixing and stirring when processing carbon powder.

The rotary charcoal grinder is often used in the briquette charcoal processing plant for the pretreatment of carbon powder. Recently, a customer of a South African charcoal factory purchased a charcoal grinding machine with a processing capacity of 300kg/h from our Shuliy factory.

Why the rotary charcoal grinder is needed for making charcoal briquettes?

If we visit all kinds of briquette charcoal processing factories, we will find that almost all charcoal factories have one or more charcoal grinding equipment, why is this? This is due to the close relationship between the rotary charcoal grinder and the processing of fine charcoal briquettes.

fine charcoal powder
fine charcoal powder

The finer the carbon powder used to produce charcoal briquettes, the smoother the surface of the processed charcoal, the greater the density and hardness of the charcoal, and the higher its calorific value. Such high-quality charcoal briquettes are more competitive in the market and sell at a higher price.

The rotary charcoal grinder can help charcoal processors to grind large particles of charcoal powder into a finer powder.

Details of charcoal grinder order for South Africa

The South African customer has its own charcoal factory in the local area, and currently, it mainly processes spherical barbecue charcoal. The customer said that there is only one pulverizer for crushing lump charcoal in his factory, and the pulverized charcoal powder is not fine enough, so the quality of the processed barbecue charcoal is very poor.

inner structure of charcoal grinding machine
inner structure of charcoal grinding machine

A friend of this customer is also engaged in the charcoal business, and his factory uses a rotary charcoal grinder to process charcoal powder, and the working effect is very good. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the finished charcoal products in his factory, the South African customer urgently needs to buy a rotary charcoal grinder.

After knowing that our factory has stock in stock and often exports the machine to Africa, the customer quickly ordered a rotary charcoal grinder from our factory A rotary charcoal grinder with a capacity of 300kg/h.

Parameters of rotary charcoal grinder for South Africa

Wheel grinder machine Model: SL-W-1500
Rotating chamber diameter:1500mm
Capacity:250-300kg per time,15-20 minutes per time 
parameter of charcoal grinder
Shuliy charcoal grinders in stock
Shuliy charcoal grinders in stock