Most of us consider that the sugarcane bagasse is the waste of sugar industry, especially for the southeast countries like Philippine, Malaysia, India, and Thailand where the bagasse are in need to find a way for recycling. But how do we to deal with these wastes? Just throw it anywhere? No, there is a way to turn it into the treasure. Actually, sugarcane bagasse is an important biomass resource.

Sugarcane bagasse
Sugarcane Bagasse

It is a kind of agricultural materials like rice husk, coconut shell, corn stem, straw, sawdust and wood branches, which can be carbonized into high-quality charcoal by charcoal making machine. And the uses of sugarcane bagasse charcoal producing have a large potential to create profits.

sugarcane bagasse 1
Sugarcane Bagasse

How to carbonize the sugarcane bagasse by charcoal machine?

The continuous carbonization furnace is very practical for making biomass charcoal, at most time, it can carbonize the raw materials directly. However, if the raw materials have a high moisture content, the carbonization effect will be not so good. Therefore we should dry the raw materials and reduce its water content, only in this way, we can have the best carbonization effects, increase the working efficiency and reduce carbonization time.

Sugar cane
Sugarcane Bagasse

The sugarcane bagasse usually has high water content, so it needs to be dried to a proper moisture level by the dryer before carbonizing. We have a series of carbonization machines and mature charcoal making technology for charcoal production. After drying, the bagasse can be put into the screw conveyor which can feed them into the continuous carbonization furnace for carbonizing. Usually, the furnace should be preheated for an hour to reach the carbonization temperature, this step is also an important link for enhancing the carbonizing efficiency.

Sugarcane Bagasse

The main usages of the final bagasse charcoal

Like other kinds of biomass charcoal, bagasse charcoal also has wide applications in our daily life and many industrial fields. Especially in making the activated carbon, the bagasse charcoal is the important raw materials. To make the sugarcane bagasse charcoal by charcoal machine, we can not only get the good charcoal but also can get high value-added products like wood tar and wood vinegar fluid, which can be sold as the chemical products to make chemical fertilizer, pesticide, and mosquito-repellent incense.

As for the bagasse charcoal itself, because its outstanding characteristics like high caloric value, no sparks, and no smoke when burning, high density and long burning time, it can be widely used as good fuel in many industries, or be further processed into the hot-sale shisha or hookah charcoal and barbecue charcoal. Making charcoal from sugarcane bagasse makes the bagasse’ reusing more easily and more economic.

Other applications of the bagasse charcoal making machine

Shuliy charcoal machinery has been the charcoal machine manufacturer for many years, with the professional machinery technicians and lots of successful cases from home and abroad, we have the power for updating our charcoal machine making technology and providing best and timely after-sale service for our customers. The key machine for making bagasse charcoal is the continuous carbonization furnace, which can carbonize all the agricultural and forestry wastes into charcoal. Therefore, invest this charcoal machine can bring you many profits that you can’t imagine.