Recently, shuliy machinery has welcomed customers from several southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar. They came to our factory to visit the charcoal machine equipment, and seriously learn how to make charcoal.

These customers want to invest in the charcoal production business, the purpose is to make full use of cheap and abundant raw materials in their hometown to produce high value-added charcoal, so as to obtain higher economic income, they think this is a good investment direction, and hope they can go on the road to make a fortune.

According to the cooperation and understanding of customers visiting southeast Asian countries in recent months, we Shuliy machinery have summarized the analysis of raw materials available for carbonization in southeast Asian countries, hoping to provide help to friends who want to invest in charcoal machinery equipment.

Most of southeast Asia is located in the tropics, where the humid and hot climate makes it one of the important tropical crop production bases in the world. Southeast Asia is the world’s largest producer of natural rubber, rice, oil palm, coconut and banana hemp. Therefore, the raw materials in these southeast Asian countries that can be used to produce machine-made charcoal are very rich.

Rice is widely grown in southeast Asia, especially in India. Rice is the main food for local residents and is also a traditional export product, and India has been the largest exporter of rice in the world. What to do with large numbers of stalks and rice husks after harvesting and producing rice is an important issue.

And in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, two of the world’s largest exporters of coconuts, there is a very limited proportion of the large amount of coconut shells produced each year that can be reused effectively. Rice husk, rice stalk and coconut husk are important raw materials for the production of high-quality machine-made charcoal.

Investing in charcoal machine equipment to produce charcoal is a good choice for southeast Asia people. Customers visiting the Shuliy machinery plant have said that the reason for the investment in charcoal machinery equipment is to consider the advantages of low cost of local raw materials and abundant raw materials.