Last weekend, two Indian customers visited our charcoal machine workshop for testing and buying the continuous carbonization furnace. They mainly wanted to make rice husk charcoal with our charcoal equipment.

continuous carbonization furnace
continuous carbonization furnace

Actually, these two India customers were father and son, they have great interests in making rice husk charcoal with the carbonization machine. They said doing charcoal production business is becoming more and more popular in their country especially in the place where there are a large number of plantations of grains.

These two Indian customers planned to set their own charcoal plant for making biomass charcoal and then processed the rice husk charcoal for making the activated carbon which is more precious in the market.

They came to China by airplane and we picked them up from the airport as well as we arranged a good hotel for their resting ahead of time. They showed great thanks for our considerate arrangements about their coming.

The charcoal making machine we recommended for them is the continuous type carbonization furnace. This type of charcoal equipment has outstanding advantages for making charcoal quickly. The raw materials for testing are rice husk with moisture of less than 10%.

Continuous charcoal making machine for sale

The testing lasted about 40 minutes, and the India customers carefully inspected each link of the carbonization process and recorded some details of the carbonization machine.

They were satisfied with the whole testing of the charcoal making machine and gave us thumbs-up for our professional carbonization technology and skilled operations. They asked us to help make an overall investment plan for the rice husk charcoal production including the budget and the production site planning and so on.

We are very happy that our charcoal making machine for sale can be recognized by more and more customers from every corner of the world. We believe that waste resources recycling like biomass wastes will continue to be one of the good issues to talk in the future. And we also believe that our charcoal machine will also bring a lot of profits to our customers.