What are the main factors that affect the yield of wood pelletizer machine?

various pellets made by wood pelletizer

Wood pellet making machine is very practical equipment for making various biomass fuels. This wood pelletizer machine can transform a large amount of agricultural and forestry waste into biomass pellets with high economic value, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling and reusing biomass resources. When producing sawdust pellets, several factors usually affect the output of wood pellet making machines.

Commercial Wood Pellet Mill
Commercial Wood Pellet Mill

What are wood pellets production factors?

  1. Properties of wood powder

Generally speaking, wood chips with higher lignin content are easier to granulate, and the granules are more solid and difficult to break. The more difficult to form raw materials, a large amount of powder will be produced during the production process, and these powders will be sucked away by the dust removal equipment of the wood pellet machine, resulting in a small yield of wood pellets. Most wood chips are easy to pellet, while palm chips and other raw materials are not easy to pellet.

Small Wood Pellets Processing Line
Small Wood Pellets Processing Line
  1. The moisture content of sawdust raw materials

The wood pellet making machine requires the moisture content of the raw material to be between 15% and 20%. Excessive moisture will affect product quality and yield. Therefore, raw materials with excessive moisture content need to be dried before granulation. In addition, the internal temperature of the wood pellet machine is relatively high, which will also evaporate the water in some raw materials, so the yield of wood pellets will be reduced.

  1. Equipment performance of wood pellet machine

The performance of the wood sawdust pelletizer machine is the main reason that affects the qualified rate of sawdust pellets. The qualified rate of many wood pellet machines on the market is low, only 50% and the products produced contain a large amount of powder. The qualified rate of Shuliy Machinery's wood pellet machine products can reach 95%. It can be seen that the selection of high-quality wood pellet machine and suitable raw materials is the key to increasing the output of wood pellet machines.

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