A carbonization furnace kiln is a new type of biomass renewable energy processing equipment. It can produce high-quality charcoal resources by processing biomass waste, and can effectively solve the problem of coal combustion. We all know that carbonization furnaces are widely used, but which biomass waste can be recycled and reused by the charcoal machines?

Why are charcoal furnaces so popular now?

As an environmental protection machine, the carbonization furnace has very good market potential. The charcoal products processed by the charcoal making machine have low cost, large profit margins, and far lower than the price of raw coal, so they are more suitable for the market prospect of modern mechanical equipment development.

A charcoal machine is a machine that grinds raw materials such as bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs, etc. through a wood chip crusher into granules within 10mm. After drying and drying, it is put into a carbonization furnace for carbonizing. The full set of equipment for the charcoal machines includes rod making machines, charring furnaces, dryers, and other equipment. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor-saving, and power saving. So what kind of biomass waste can the bark carbonization furnace solve?

Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace
Spontaneous combustion carbonization furnace

Biomass materials that can be charred by charcoal machines

The raw materials for making charcoal are nearly 70 kinds of biomass materials such as rice husks, straws, branches, bamboo shavings, coconut husks, and fruit husks. It is really a pity if these materials are disposed of as garbage, and it is also a waste of resources.

Through the processing of new-type charcoal production equipment, these biomass wastes can be converted into high-quality and environmentally friendly charcoal, which is non-toxic, smokeless and tasteless. The charcoal making machine equipment uses some carbon-containing waste materials to make charcoal, which has become a new type of investment projects in modern society. Now charcoal machines are more and more popular. The charcoal machine has a fully automatic control electric heating device, which can adjust the dryness and humidity of the material, ensure the stable forming of the material, and improve the work efficiency.