Economic progress is the driving industry, and coal energy is the key energy source for industry. As the demand for charcoal continues to increase in various countries around the world, the charcoal machine industry is gradually booming. Shuliy charcoal making machine manufacturers are continuing to develop and manufacture new charcoal production equipment and exporting charcoal processing equipment to many countries in the world. In the process of using charcoal, the calorific value and burning time of charcoal play a key role. The higher the carbon content of charcoal, the greater the calorific value. The calorific value and burning time of charcoal depending on the raw materials used to make charcoal.

Main factors for determining the quality of charcoal

The higher the carbon content of charcoal, the greater its calorific value, so the quality of charcoal is determined by two factors, raw materials, and charcoal burning technology. It can also be said that the chemical composition of charcoal determines the burning value and burning time of charcoal. The burning time of charcoal can be said to be determined by both chemical and physical factors, not only to generate a large amount of heat but also to make the surface area of charcoal in contact with air small to extend the burning time of charcoal. The surface area of charcoal includes both its outer and inner pore surface areas.

log charcoal
log charcoal

What are the common problems of using charcoal making machine?

  1. After long-term work of the charcoal machine equipment, be sure to overhaul the pulley of the motor, check whether to add oil, clean up dirt, etc. Doing these can increase the service life of the machine.
  2. Sometimes after the long-term operation of the charcoal processing machine, the belt will loosen, so the speed of the machine will be reduced a lot. The long-term work output is caused by this reason.
  3. When inspecting the motor, it is necessary to see if it has a large load. Working for a long time will damage the motor and affect the working efficiency of the whole machine.

How to operate the charcoal machine safely?

The greater safety hazard in the production process of charcoal machines is the phenomenon of electricity leakage. The charcoal machine’s rod forming equipment uses an electric motor, which uses 380V electricity. The body is made of steel material with good heat dissipation performance, but it is also conductive. The improper operation will cause an electric shock to the staff.

The solution to this kind of security loophole is to install a leakage protection device at the power supply or an air protection switch at the bus to avoid injury caused by accidental electric shock. Secondly, a grounding device must be installed on the body of the motor to avoid leakage.