The charcoal briquette machine has been the device of choice for many manufacturers investing in the charcoal business. This commercial charcoal processing machine can be used not only to make all kinds of barbecue charcoal but also to produce square-shaped hookah charcoal, which is popular in western European countries. At present, our charcoal briquette machine is very popular in the international market and has been exported to Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Nigeria in large quantities.

What should be paid attention to when using a charcoal briquette machine?

  1. Charcoal extruder machine must be waterproofed during installation because there is a gap between the machine and the bracket. If it encounters rain or snow, water will penetrate the gap and cause damage. We recommend that customers use the original bracket because it takes full consideration of waterproofing.
  2. The electric charcoal briquette machine should be checked for abnormal noise before turning on the machine. If there is no abnormality after 2 to 3 minutes of empty machine operation, it can be put into production.
Shuliy charcoal briquette machine for sale
Shuliy charcoal briquette machine for sale
  1. During the working process, the gap between the head of the coal extruder machine and the discharge orifice is adjusted by adding or removing ring pads between the two impellers. Under the premise of ensuring no interference, the smaller the gap, the better (about 5mm), but it should not cause friction with the machine head.
  2. When using the charcoal briquette machine, the staff should be careful to prevent the machine head from being blocked by the raw materials; if the machine head is blocked by accident, the machine head must be disassembled and cleaned before assembly.
  3. If the charcoal press machine needs to be temporarily stopped during the work process, add an appropriate amount of water before the shutdown to make the water content of the raw material about 15% -20%. In order to avoid the loss of raw material water in the feeding barrel of the machine during the shutdown process and the material dry up.
  4. When using a charcoal briquette machine, the amount of current should be controlled by the number of raw materials to avoid the machine idling caused by overloading or insufficient feed. Eliminate excessive downtime due to insufficient supply or mechanical failure.
  5. Since the machine is extremely sensitive to hard objects such as iron, it may cause serious burnout of the motor, so we should handle the raw materials to be processed carefully.