Wood shaving machine ( Thickness adjustable )

Wood shaving machine is also a kind of wood crushing equipment, which is widely used for making wood shavings with even thickness. Especially for mass production of wood shavings in an automatically way. This kind of wood shaving machine can be used to make wood shavings from all kinds of wood chips, logs, small wood strips, tree branches, woodblocks, waste wood cutting materials, and furniture factory leftover materials. The wood shavings produced by the wood shaver are uniform in shape, uniform in thickness and complete in the specification.

Wood shaving machine
Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine - application scope

The shavings from the wood shaving machine can be used to make particleboard (plywood) and they are the important materials for making furniture. The shavings can also be used as raw material for wood pulp paper in paper mills.

In addition, in logistics transportation, some shavings can be added as a filler in some fragile goods to prevent damage. Shavings are widely used in poultry farms as animal litter filler, so shavings are particularly suitable for pet litter and horse racing. In addition, shavings can also be used as bioenergy ignition material.

Wood shaving machines can be equipped with low-voltage or high-voltage motors according to the customer's production needs. Large wood shaving machines have two methods of driving: belt drive and direct drive. Its feeding method can be divided into horizontal feeding and inclined feeding. There are two ways of discharging: upper discharging and lower discharging. The output of wood shaving machines is 2 ~ 160 cubic meters per hour. Wood shaving machines can be divided into two types: ordinary wood shaving machines (4-6 knives) and multi-shaving shaving machines (8-6 knives).

Wood shaving machine
Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine - working principle

The wood shaving machine has a very simple structure so that it is easy to install and operate. The main structure includes a frame, housing, cutter disk, pulley, inlet, outlet, and motor. The need of special note is that the entry of the wood shaving machine is inclined shaped so that we can put the branches and wood materials easily into the machine inside.

Besides, the outlet of the shaving machine is also downward sloping so that it can discharge the shavings quickly. When we put the wood or logs into the inlet of the wood shaving machine, the inside cutter disk and the blades will crush and shave the materials into shavings with a certain thickness. The cutter disk can be adjusted according to different requirements of the shavings’ thickness.

new-designed wood shaving machine for sale
new-designed wood shaving machine for sale

How does the electric wood shaving machine work?

The wood shaving machine is a device that can automatically crush and process wood into shavings. After the raw material enters from the feed port, it is cut into the crushing chamber by the blade. It is further crushed under the impact of a high-speed rotating hammer blade and the action of a shearing knife, and then the wind generated by the built-in blades is sent out through the screen or through an external fan. The size of wood shavings is determined by adjusting the length of the blade and the size of the screen aperture. The wearing part of this wood processing machine is the cutting blades.

wood shaving machine for shipping
wood shaving machine for shipping

Wood shaving machine - the main features

  1. The machine is capable of logs, branches, board edges processed into shavings produced for the furniture factory.
  2. The wood shavings’size is determined by adjusting the blade length to accommodate a variety of needs.
  3. Automatic self-feeding equipment has greatly increased the production speed, it also saves time and manpower.
  4. The wood shaving machine’s power system can be designed with both the motor and the diesel engine.
  5. High working efficiency and the thickness of the wood shavings is adjustable.
Wood shaving machine
Wood shaving machine being produced at the factory

Wood shaving machine - Technical parameters

Model Output Feeding size
SL-420 200kg/h 6cm
SL-600 500kg/h 12cm
SL-800 800kg/h 16cm
SL-1200 1.5t/h 24cm
SL-1500 2t/h 32cm


Wood shaving machine working video


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