The straw briquette machine utilizes the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials, through screw extrusion, plasticizes the lignin in the wood raw materials under high temperature and high-pressure conditions, and combines the fine fibers to form a rod-shaped fuel.

The briquettes making machine has an automatic thermostat, which can maintain stable performance at a set temperature. In addition, the machine also has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, and maintenance. The solid briquettes produced by this machine are easy to ignite, high calorific value (more than 20% higher than ordinary wood), low pollution, high specificity, and easy to store and transport.

pini kay briquettes production
pini kay briquettes production

Common faults and solutions for sawdust briquette machine

  1. Sawdust is not easy to shape. The main reasons for this situation are: the heating temperature of the machine is too high or too low; the forming sleeve of the rod making machine is worn seriously; the angle of the screw propeller is not consistent; the raw material moisture is too large. Shuliy’s sawdust briquettes making machine adopts a temperature automatic control device, and the forming sleeve is made of high-alloy material, which is compressive and wear-resistant and can avoid many machine failures.
  2. There are cracks on the surface of Briquettes. The main reasons for this situation are: improper temperature control; excessive moisture in the raw material; worn out of the propeller of the rod making machine and incorrect shaft tip; too large or too small screw of the propeller head of the briquette machine; serious wear of the sleeve, etc.
  3. The quality of Biomass briquette is not high. Excessive moisture in the raw material will easily cause briquettes to produce transverse cracks, and too little moisture will easily cause the appearance of longitudinal cracks in briquettes. In addition, the heating temperature is too high, the raw material will be excessively softened, resulting in insufficient supply, which can also lead to cracks. If the feed barrel is insufficiently supplied, the diameter of the spiral can be appropriately increased, or the spiral wall can be polished to increase the pitch between the spirals.