As the ecological theme of environmental protection is accepted by more and more countries and people in the world, more and more environmental protection problems need to be solved in our life. For users engaged in the charcoal production line, it is more necessary to pay attention to the charcoal production process in the exhaust flue gas treatment.

The flue gas recovery and purification system can purify and recycle the flue gas produced by the charcoal plant and reduce air and dust pollution. Today, a wide variety of flue gas treatment equipment emerge endlessly, so charcoal machine customers exactly how to choose?

The smoke treatment equipment of Shuliy machinery has a good smoke removal effect, which is of great help for environmental protection and mass production of high-quality charcoal.

Charcoal production line which links need to set up smoke removal equipment?

Generally, in the charcoal production line, the charcoal furnace (including the self-built charcoal kiln), dryer machine and sawdust briquette machine and other production links are required to set up smoke and dust removal equipment. Flue gas recovery and purification system are specially used for charcoal production line equipment, it can be applied to high concentration, large volume, and multiple charcoal furnace flue gas treatment.

Main components of charcoal flue gas

As we know, it’s inevitable that there is flue gas generated in the process of charcoal production. In order to deal with the flue gas, we need to analyze its composition. Exhaust gas generated through combustion processes is called flue gas or stack gas.

Its composition depends on the type of fuel and combustion conditions. Many flue gas components are air pollutants. For example, we all know that nowadays coal-fired boilers have to deal with flue gas to discharge, and the same is true for our charcoal production line.

We need to minimize the impact of flue gas on the environment through simple processing. For the boiler flue gas treatment, we should deal with the flue gas and sulfur dioxide, so the equipment is more complex, and the cyclone separator, cloth bag dust collector, and other equipment are needed.

The flue gas’s composition of the charcoal production process is not so complicated, it mainly is some tar, phenols, alcohol compounds steam, and some dust particles, the other is water vapor.

The principle of dealing with the smoke of charcoal machine

Flue gas is combustible particles that have not been fully burned. As we can see, some cars emit black smoke, which is caused by insufficient fuel combustion. So how to get rid of these combustible materials is the focus of our smoke control work.

On the one hand, the fuel is fully burned into carbon dioxide, so there is no smoke. The other thing is to condense these things down and turn them into liquid, so you don’t see the smoke. The charcoal machine flue gas treatment principle is very simple, no matter how complex flue gas treatment equipment is, its principle is in line with the above two kinds.

Charcoal flue gas treatment methods:

Another kind of flue gas treatment equipment is condensing flue gas treatment equipment. The device uses the properties of substances in charcoal smoke to condense it at its condensation point. Just like our breath in winter, the steam exhaled from your mouth will condense into water drops when it meets the cold window glass.

This principle is the same as that used to treat charcoal smoke. A complete set of circulating condensation equipment is mainly composed of a small water cooling device (cooling tower), water circulation system, and simple spray tower.