When investing in the charcoal processing business, customers need to consider not only suitable production sites, sufficient carbonization raw materials, high-quality charcoal machine equipment, etc., but also labor costs. Especially for semi-automatic charcoal production lines, customers must carefully calculate the relationship between the number of workers and charcoal production efficiency. So how many workers are needed to start a charcoal processing plant?

What are the characteristics of workers on a charcoal production line?

The development prospect of the charcoal machine industry is very good because charcoal can be used at any time, such as barbecues throughout the year, charcoal for smelting in steel mills, and so on. In the operation process of the charcoal production line, a lot of human support is required. Investors need to recruit workers to complete charcoal production during the establishment of the factory. But which workers are most suitable for use?

whole set of charcoal machines of our customer
whole set of charcoal machines of our customer
  1. The purchasers and transporters of raw materials require good physical strength and are generally suitable for young and middle-aged people. The operation of the airflow dryer (or rotary dryer) requires 1-2 people, which can facilitate the continuous feeding of the dryer and improve the drying efficiency of the raw materials. These workers are best not to be afraid of getting dirty or tired.
  2. The operators of charcoal machines are best to use young people. Workers with good learning ability and understanding can respond quickly in the process of charcoal production and improve production efficiency.
  3. In this part of the carbonization furnace, it is best to arrange a responsible and leadership-conscious worker. Because in the carbonization process, workers need to keep an eye on the temperature of the carbonization furnace.
  4. Only the responsible and responsible workers are required for the inspection and packaging of the finished charcoal. Charcoal packaging is the link that requires the largest number of workers, so pay attention to choosing cheap labor. Some women in their 40s in rural areas can do the job.
  5. 5.The maintenance of charcoal machine equipment to find workers with professional electrical welding technology. Such professional workers are good at finding problems and have the ability to solve problems, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce losses.

How many workers do you need for your own charcoal plant?

The number of workers required for a charcoal processing plant is not fixed, because this number is arranged according to the actual production needs of customers. In general, the larger the customer’s charcoal production scale, the higher the degree of automation, and the fewer workers required.

For the semi-automatic charcoal production line, or when the customer’s investment budget is not large, the customer can choose to replace the automatic transmission link in the production process with manual transmission.