No matter what industry, the supremacy of quality is always the eternal wisdom. Only by strictly controlling the quality of products can businessmen win the trust of customers. The same is true for the charcoal machine industry. Before the purchase of charcoal machine, many customers will choose to go to the charcoal machine manufacturers to investigate, but most people do not know how to investigate. For customers who to the factory inspect equipment, how to identify the quality of charcoal machine equipment? Here Shuliy machinery will help customers judge the quality of charcoal machine through the appearance, workmanship and material of the equipment.

Automatic charcoal machine

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  1. Observe the appearance and workmanship of the charcoal machine

First about how to observe the appearance of the charcoal machine and work, this is very simple. We can see very clearly through the naked eye, such as the smoothness of the surface of the charcoal machine equipment; Is there any welding slag at the interface of the machine? Whether the spray paint on the surface of the machine is uniform. If it is not clear, we can reach out and touch the machine to see if it is too rough and hurts our hands.

Automatic charcoal machine

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  1. Observe the material of the charcoal machine

The most important of the charcoal machine is its internal construction, which is to a large extent we can not see, but can look at the quality of the main parts, if these parts are made of poor quality steel, then the overall quality of the equipment can be imagined is not very good. To judge the quality of steel, look at the thickness of the material. Charcoal machine steel plate to have a certain thickness, if it is too thin is not wear-resistant, the service life of the machine will be very short.

Anti wear sawdust briquette machine propeller

Anti-wear sawdust briquette machine propeller

We can focus on the propellers on sawdust briquette machine. The good quality propeller is made of pure steel, the appearance is 100% polished, with high toughness and strength, which can be used for at least three months in normal operation of sawdust briquette machine. The poor quality of the propeller because of poor material, service life is very short, may use a month, or even less than a month has been seriously worn, need to be replaced. In this way, the quality of the propeller greatly increased the production cost of charcoal machine. You also have to look at the quality of all the internal parts you can see, such as motors and common vulnerable parts.

Good quality charcoal machine equipment to further ensure the efficient operation of production, can improve the production output, extend the service life of the equipment, but also to ensure the quality of the production of finished charcoal. Our Shuliy machinery charcoal machine all use the high quality steel, the work is also very fine, welcome you to visit the factory.