How to install and debug charcoal machine equipment?

Customers buy charcoal machine, especially after the whole charcoal production line, often concerned about how to reasonable installation and commissioning of these machines. The customer only according to the professional operator's guidance to install and debug these machines, so that the charcoal production line of all links can be perfectly connected, in order to ensure the normal use of charcoal machine and efficient production of machine-made charcoal.


charcoal production line blueprint

Most of the charcoal machine factory, the parts including the transmission unit has been assembled together, suitable for the overall lifting. Users with limited installation conditions can be separated lifting. During reassembly, each machine shall be installed in strict accordance with the instructions in the installation manual or under the guidance of a professional installer. To carefully install every link of the machine, every part and even every screw.

After the installation of the whole charcoal machine equipment, especially the crusher, screw feeding machine and sawdust briquette machine, etc., Then these machines can be prepared for empty operation, empty operation time shall not be less than 2 hours, observe whether there is abnormal vibration, noise and abnormal heating phenomenon of each machine.


 Customers order a complete set of charcoal production line

After confirming that the installation is correct, install external equipment such as fan, water diversion pipe and air pipe, and then install electrical control device. The installation of temperature sensor should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to avoid sensor failure. Proper protective measures should be taken for the sensor leads to prevent them from being torn off or burnt off, which can be protected by means of tube piercing or embedding. The electric control device should be placed in a place with less dust and a proper distance from the main engine hot air stove. Which can be hung wall, hanging column and support installation.

Matters needing attention:

Before the test run, it shall confirm whether the rotation direction of the main engine of the carbonizing machine, each induced draft fan, blower and inlet and outlet material device is correct. If incorrect, it shall immediately replace any two wires in the power supply. Confirm whether the reducer should be lubricated with specified quantity and brand. Verify that the temperature sensor is installed and properly connected to the electronic control device.

Only when the temperature reaches or is close to the carbonization temperature of relevant materials can the material be fed for test run. In this time through the visual, auditory, olfactory inspection of the machine, the machine is required to operate smoothly and reliably, without special noise.

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