What is the difference between traditional charcoal and machine-made charcoal?

It has become a fact that the traditional method to make charcoal on earth kiln has bad effects on the natural environment. And the traditional way is gradually being canceled because of its huge air pollution according to today’s national policies to protect the environment. As the awareness for protecting the environment growing, many people and factory begin to explore a new way to make charcoal. Nowadays, there are numerous eco-friendly charcoal machines emerged on the market and gradually replaced the traditional charcoal production mode.

There are many reasons to explain why the machine-made charcoal is becoming so popular, for example, the machine-made charcoal has many advantages like longer burning time, higher combustion value and regular shape. Besides, with the development of charcoal machine technology, there are more great features of the charcoal machine as following:

  1. The charcoal machine equipped with the automatic heating device so that can ensure that the moisture content of the raw material is adjustable and help to improve the working efficiency.
  2. As for the sawdust briquette machine, the feeding speed can be adjusted and the molding shapes can be customized to meet the customers’
  3. The transformation of the lubrication system has completely solved the problem of charcoal equipment failure caused by improper lubrication.
  4. Compared with the traditional charcoal production mode, the stability and durability of the charcoal machine have been greatly improved.
  5. The charcoal machine has a compact structure and easy to maintain, which enables high working efficiency and low energy consumption.

Four tips to judge the quality of the charcoal made from charcoal making machine

With more and more people invested in charcoal-machine for commercial charcoal production, there are so many kinds of charcoal in the international market. When we are going to buy charcoal products, we should be careful about the quality. But how can we judge whether the charcoal is good or not? There are four tips for you, let’s have a look.

  1. The length of the machine-made charcoal

We all know that when the machine-made charcoal is exported, it needs to well packed. Generally, the machine-made charcoal box length should be more than 5 cm, and the length is subject to the carton box length.

  1. The diameter of the machine-made charcoal

Most of the charcoal making machine manufacturers at home and abroad set the molding diameter of 5 cm as the standard size for sawdust briquette machine, therefore, the diameter of the final charcoal should be about 4 cm and with 3.5-3.8 cm as the best shrinkage size. The charcoal for the exit needs to be tested by a resistance value which is developed based on the carbon content and the shrinkage of the charcoal.

  1. The color of the machine-made charcoal

Normally, the color of the machine-made charcoal should be bright black. We can always see that the pure black on the appearance of the charcoal. If the color of charcoal is light black and the sound is not clear when striking, that indicates the moisture content of the material is too large. If the color of the charcoal is a little yellow, that indicates there are impurities of the charcoal and ash component and volatile components exceed the standard.

  1. The hardness of the machine-made charcoal

We can do a small test for the charcoal’s hardness. Hold the charcoal rod vertically by a hand and press it with the thumb hard, the hardness and the quality of the charcoal will be good if it is cannot be broken easily. It is allowed that there are some cracks on the charcoal because it has nothing effect on the charcoal’s quality. However, too many cracks will indicate the incomplete carbonization in the furnace of the pini-kay.