The wood crushing machine is mainly composed of a pulverizing device, a fan, and a dust remover. The size of the wood powder after cutting by the wood crushing device can be determined by different screens. The pulverized sawdust will be collected by a fan and a dust collector. The final sawdust can be further processed into sawdust briquettes and then carbonized into charcoal in the carbonization furnace.

wood crusher factory
wood crusher factory

How to deal with the screen mesh wear problem of the wood crusher?

During the use of the wood shredder, the fineness of the wood powder is adjusted by changing different screens. The size of the mesh holes determines the fineness of the sawdust. Some users will use the wood crusher for a period of time, the machine will appear mesh wear, and need to replace the new screen. Or the screen fineness of the wood pulverizer cannot meet the current production needs, and it needs to be improved by replacing the screen. So how do you properly replace the screen of the wood shredder?


The operation steps for replacing the new screen of the wood crushing machine

Step 1:

The wood shredder screen is first laid on the lower press ring. Then use the tight mesh ring to tighten the net on the pressure ring, but the point to note is not to pull the mesh too tight. If it is too tight, it will affect the effect, just stretch it.

Step 2:

Press the lower pressing net ring together with the special screen for the grading screen by bolts on the upper pressing net ring. Note that the bolts should be symmetrical and evenly pressed.

Step 3:

Lock and reinforce the screen body.

Step 4:

Rotate the wood shredder rotor to check the gap between the blade and the screen to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

screen of the wood crusher
screen of the wood crusher

The purpose of post-installation debugging of the electric wood shredder

  1. Check whether the performance of the wood shredder meets the design requirements and relevant technical regulations.
  2. Check if the metal structural parts have sufficient strength and rigidity.
  3. Is the lubrication of each part good?
  4. Whether the bearing temperature rise is normal;
  5. Whether the safety device and the brake device are flexible, reliable and accurate.
  6. Check whether the transmission of each mechanism is stable and reliable.
  7. The operation and temperature rise of all electrical and hydraulic system components are normal.
  8. Check whether the welding and assembly quality of the metal structural parts of the wood shredder is qualified.
large wood crusher
large wood crusher

Maintenance of the wood crusher should be carried out during normal use. As long as the mechanical equipment is comprehensively and timely maintained, the service period of the wood crusher can be extended. Besides, if you choose the qualified wood crushing machine manufacturer, there will be not so much machine problems occurred during your using of the wood processing equipment. Welcome to contact us for high-quality and efficient wood processing machines.