The main raw materials for the wood pellet machine are crops, such as straws, branches, sawdust, wood chips and other raw materials that can be seen everywhere. The cost of these raw materials is very low, so the investment cost is low, and the income is very considerable. Under this condition Investment is undoubtedly the most appropriate.

main raw materials for the wood pellet machine
main raw materials for the wood pellet machine

After being crushed and pressurized to produce high-density pellet fuel, it is easy and convenient to use, so what are the specific advantages of using wood pellet machine equipment?

  • Low cost price: The cost of raw materials is almost zero; the equipment investment is not large, the machine operation is simple, and the idle labor in the countryside can be employed after simple training, and the labor cost is very low.
  • Numerous and easy-to-obtain raw materials: The main raw materials of wood pellets are crop stalks, leaves, dead branches, sawdust, weeds and other combustible biomass.
  • Wood pellets have a wide range of uses and great market demand. First of all, wood pellets have a high combustion utilization rate, are easy to store, easy to use, safe and sanitary, and are suitable for civil heating and life energy use. Secondly, as the main fuel of industrial boilers, wood pellets can effectively replace coal and natural gas and solve environmental pollution. Finally, wood pellets can also be used to generate electricity. As a fuel for thermal power generation, burning 10,000 tons of biomass fuel can replace 8,000 tons of standard coal, reducing SO2 emissions by 160 tons, soot emissions by 80 tons, and CO2 emissions by 14,400 tons, effectively protecting the environment.