The mesh belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor that transports materials horizontally or obliquely by a series of chainplates fixed on the traction chain. The bearing surface is provided with a transverse spacer placed in a tank to drive the belt. The driving force of the spacer can output the finished product of the mesh belt. It is mainly composed of the driving device, tensioning device, traction chain, lathing, driving and steering sprocket, frame, and other parts.

According to the different products to transport, the type and model of the mesh belt conveyor is very much. According to the actual production needs, the mesh conveyor can also be set into fixed or mobile.

The shape and size of the mesh belt chain can be adjusted and replaced according to specific needs. Mesh conveyor is widely used, its structure is very simple, easy operation and maintenance, high efficiency, very low failure rate.

Mesh belt conveyor

Application of mesh belt conveyors

Mesh belt conveyor in metallurgy, coal, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing, vegetable cleaning and processing, charcoal production lines, and other industrial sectors have been widely used. In the charcoal production line, the mesh conveyor is mainly used for conveying solid rods made of the sawdust briquette machine. The solid rod can be quickly cooled in the conveying process, which is convenient for workers to pick up, and then sent to the carbonization furnace for carbonization.

Characteristics of mesh belt conveyor in charcoal plant

  1. Wide application range. In addition to the viscosity of particularly large materials, general solid materials and finished products can be used to transport;
  2. Large conveying capacity and high working efficiency;
  3. The high strength of the traction chain can be used for long-distance transport;
  4. The products in the transport process can be classified, drying, cooling or assembly, and other processes;

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