Wood slicer machine has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high production capacity, and high-cost performance. The commercial wood slicer is mainly used to cut logs and other materials into uniform-sized chips. In order to make the wood chipper suitable for outdoor operations, we have added wheels to the original foundation and the diesel engine is used as the power, so the application range of the machine is wider and the sales are very good.

Wood chips slicer machine is special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips. The finished product is mainly used for processing paper, particleboard, and fiberboard. The diameter of the logs cut by this machine is within 300mm. No matter how hard the wood is, it can be cut into even-sized pieces by this machine.

large type wood slicer machine
large type wood slicer machine

Recommendations for users to buy the wood slicers

  1. Customers should understand what they want to do when buying wood chippers. General customers buy wood chippers to slice wood materials and then sell the cut quality wood chips. However, different types of raw materials need to buy wood chippers. Therefore, the specific equipment model is still selected according to the type of raw materials and output of the customer.
  2. There are two main types of wood chippers to choose from, one is a drum wood chipper and the other is a disc wood chipper. Which model the customer should choose in the end depends on his actual production needs. Customers can communicate with the machinery manufacturer in detail. Generally, the manufacturer will recommend several relatively suitable wood chippers for customers based on their raw materials, output, investment budget, and other factors.
  3. When choosing a wood chipper, you must also consider the factors of the manufacturer, but this cannot be ignored, because it has a very important role. Different wood slicer manufacturers have different machine sizes and specifications. The feeding method of the machine, the technical research of the machine, and finally the production of the finished product will affect the quality of the wood chipper slicer. The price of well-known brands of wood slicers will be relatively higher than those of more ordinary manufacturers, but the quality will be guaranteed. Therefore, friends in the wood processing industry are advised to consider several factors while purchasing wood slicers to maximize their investment benefits.

Which wood slicer is common in the market?

As far as wood chips are concerned, the common wood chip processing equipment on the market is mainly disc chippers and drum chippers. According to market usage, the occupation ratio of disc chipper is relatively large. The disc chipper can be processed separately, or it can be processed with some conveying equipment or peeling equipment. After the logs are fed into the machine’s feed port, the material is cut through a high-speed rotating cutter head. The cutter head is equipped with wear-resistant chrome-plated blades, and the sharp blades cut the wood into uniform-sized pieces during operation.