To begin with, the high humidity of wood will reduce the effect of debakling. Generally speaking, dry wood has a better peeling effect than wet wood. Drying the wood for a period of time can significantly improve the peeling effect. In addition, the season also has a certain influence on the peeling rate of wood. Compared with winter, if we use a wood debarking machine in summer, the humidity will be drier and the peeling effect will be better.

Wood materials will affect the effect of peeling. Different wood materials will also have a certain impact on the peeling effect. Some wood surfaces are too hard, making them very difficult to peel. Consequently, the efficiency of the debarking machine will degrade. However, the peeling effect of poplar and ordinary fruit trees is better for their less hard skin.

The quality of the peeling equipment is also very important. The sharpness of the knife and the sensitivity of the spring that controls the tension. If the quality of the spring is poor, the machine is likely to hurt the wood and cause waste. Shuliy wood debarking machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding and discharging system, and a conveyor belt under the machine can be equipped to transport the bark accumulated underneath in time. The high-quality blades and details can fully meet the needs of the wood processing plant.

The surface of the wood should be smooth. If there are wood bumps or branches on the surface of the wood, it will definitely reduce the peeling effect of the wood debarking machine.