The great advantages of the log charcoal making machine for sale

log charcoal

The carbonization of the charcoal making machine can be described as a kind of skill because if you didn’t master the carbonization knowledge, you may couldn’t make charcoal from the carbonization furnace and get a stove of ashes when you open the carbonization furnace. When you are doing charcoal production with the charcoal furnace, the key of carbonization is to grasp the carbonization temperature of the carbonization furnace.

What is the log charcoal making machine ?

Airflow Carbonization Furnace
Airflow Carbonization Furnace

The log charcoal furnace produced by Shuliy Machinery is new carbonization equipment and a convenience carbonization furnace. The price of this carbonization furnace is not high, so people who want to engage in charcoal production can invest, and this carbonization furnace is an environmentally friendly carbonization furnace equipment, which will not cause air pollution and dust pollution.

This log charcoal furnace mainly refers to the airflow hoisting carbonization furnace, which can also carbonize many other raw materials, such as wood chips, branches, leaves, straw, bamboo, and pini kay. Therefore, it can also be called a coconu shell carbonization furnace and a bamboo carbonization furnace.

The carbonization advantages of the log charcoal making machine

Why is the carbonization temperature the key to carbonization? How to master the carbonization temperature? For charcoal production, the carbonization temperatures required for different raw materials are different because the size and density of the different raw materials are different. If the raw material is a branch or the like, the carbonization temperature is about 400-600 degrees. If the starting material is pini kay, the carbonization temperature should be higher because of its higher density. A raw material corresponds to a carbonization temperature, so we should pay attention to the type of raw materials before carbonization, which cannot be ignored.

Charcoal Furnace
Charcoal Furnace

The smokeless carbonization furnace equipment we produce is equipped with a flue gas recovery and flue gas purification system on the basis of the original. When the gasifier ignites the material to generate flue gas, the gas will enter the purification system to filter out the impurities and then enter the carbonization furnace through the flue gas recovery pipeline. When the carbonization furnace reaches a certain temperature, the gasification furnace is turned off. At this time, the material in the carbonization furnace is continuously carbonized by the flue gas of the combustion cycle, which saves the carbonization time and effectively prevents the pollution caused by the flue gas or the char ash leakage.

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