For large-scale production of charcoal, an efficient charcoal pulverizer/crusher is essential. Charcoal grinding machines commonly used in the market for pulverizing charcoal are mainly vertical crushers and horizontal grinders. Among them, the commercial charcoal grinder machine is representative of horizontal charcoal crushing equipment, because of its new technology, large processing capacity, and high efficiency, it is very suitable for large-scale charcoal production plants.

Structural features of the Shuliy charcoal grinder machine

The electric charcoal grinder machine usually has multiple models, which can basically meet the needs of various customers. The charcoal shredders used in large charcoal production plants are usually of a relatively large size. The main structure of the crusher includes: frame, grinding roller, transmission system, mixing blade and side scraper, inlet and outlet and water adding device.

charcoal  powder processed by the charcoal grinder
charcoal powder processed by the charcoal grinder
  1. Frame part

The frame of the charcoal crusher machine is welded into a whole with channel steel, and the milling disk is placed in the center of the frame. The two ends of the frame are equipped with protective covers, and the motor is installed on one side of the frame. The transmission is driven by a V-belt to drive the vertical shaft to rotate.

  1. Grinding roller

The milling disc is divided into upper and lower parts and a cover. The lower part of the cylinder is provided with three lining plates, and a fan-shaped discharge opening is opened at the bottom. The upper part of the cylinder has a peep window to observe the operation of the machine. The feed opening of the machine is opened in the upper part of the cylinder, and there is a water inlet above the cylinder cover.

  1. Transmission system

The reducer of this machine is a cast-iron box-type structure, consisting of two pairs of inclined feet, suspended in the center of the frame, and the reducer drives the vertical shaft for transmission. The planetary gearbox is installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft, and the center gear on the column drives the two planetary gears to rotate by two intermediary teeth.

A set of planetary half-shovels is installed at the lower end of the two planetary gear shafts, and planetary stirring blades are installed on both sides of the planetary box. They rotate around the column clockwise at a certain speed, and at the same time, two sets of planetary half-shovel 3 shovels The plates rotate counterclockwise around their respective shaft cores at a certain speed.