In recent years, the charcoal briquettes production business has become more and more popular, especially in many Southeast Asian countries and African countries. This is because the traditional Lump Charcoal sales model has gradually changed.

With charcoal briquettes forming machine, various coal briquettes and charcoal briquettes can be processed into different shapes and sizes, with beautiful appearance, and convenient packaging and transportation.

On the other hand, processing charcoal into briquettes also increases the added value of charcoal, which can create more revenue for charcoal processors.

charcoal briquettes production
charcoal briquettes production

Advantages of charcoal briquettes production business

  1. High return on investment. The raw materials used in the charcoal briquettes production line are cheap coal powder and carbon powder, and the finished product is high-quality coal sticks, which are in short supply in the market.
  2. The investment threshold is low. A small coal briquette production line can invest tens of thousands of yuan. For small businesses and individuals, both investment risk and funding pressure are relatively low.
  3. The production process is simple and the operation technology is easy to master. Two to three people can independently operate the entire processing line, saving time and effort. Low production costs.
  4. The structure of the charcoal briquette machine is simple, and the whole machine has few wearing parts. Even if the large charcoal briquette extruder machine is damaged, the cost of subsequent maintenance is very low. It can be said that it is an investment and benefits for life.
  5. The coal briquettes production line can not only suppress coal powder, but also various carbon powder and iron powder, and the molding specifications can be adjusted from 20-60mm at will. The product specifications can be changed at any time according to market demand to meet different customer needs.