Large-scale compressed wood pallet machines are now very popular in the international market. This is because commercial wooden pallet making machines can process a variety of environmentally friendly compressed wooden pallets. Compressed wooden pallets are widely used in logistics and industrial processing due to their high density, high hardness, and lightweight. Our wood pallets making machines are especially popular in the Singapore market. Today, our factory has exported more than 50 hydraulic wood pallet machines to Singapore.

pressed pallets made by wood pallet machine
pressed pallets made by wood pallet machine

Main features of the compressed wood pallets

(1) The moisture content is relatively low, generally between 6% and 8%. The tray does not absorb moisture or deform during use.
(2) Stable size, lightweight, not easy to twist and warp.
(3) The dimensional accuracy of molded wooden pallets is high, and the specially designed reinforcing ribs ensure the strength and production accuracy of the product.
(4) This kind of compressed wood pallet can keep the strength and rigidity constant, the natural defects of the wood itself are eliminated during the molding process, and the strength is higher than that of the traditional wood board assembly product.
(5) The weight is 50% lighter than pallet products made of hard broad-leaved wood.
(6) The rounded corner design around the wooden pallet can prevent the product from being damaged during packaging and transportation. Can realize automatic bundling operation, saving operation time.
(7) Multiple pallets can be stacked together, and the height of 50 pallets is about 7 feet. The static load is 10 times the dynamic load, and the pallet can be shoveled from four sides with a forklift.
(8) It can meet the transportation requirements of import and export business without fumigation treatment.

commercial wood pallet making machine
commercial wood pallet making machine

Commercial wood pallets making machine for sale in Singapore

The full name of the molded pallet is a plant fiber molded flat industrial pallet. The raw materials used for the pallet are wood shavings, plant stalks, etc., and the overall structure, panel and 9 supporting feet are molded at one time. The upper surface of the pallet is flat and smooth, which can meet the requirements of cargo transportation. The bottom surface is equipped with stiffeners, and the vertical and horizontal forces on the board surface are balanced. The distribution of nine feet can satisfy the four-way insertion of the forklift.

After years of research in our factory, this molded pallet making machine has now developed a one-time molded wooden pallet capable of producing a variety of European standards and other specifications in the world. The raw materials can be produced using wood chips, wood shavings, straw, cotton stalks, and other crop fibers. The main specifications and dimensions of wooden pallets are: 1200100012-20mm, 120080014-20 mm, 1100110012-20 mm, etc., and the specifications and dimensions can be customized according to customer needs.

In the past year, our wooden pallet making machines have been continuously exported to many Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil, etc. Among them, we have exported more than 15 wooden pallet making machines to Malaysia and Singapore in the last three months. Moreover, due to the good quality of the product, the convenient use of the machine, and the better after-sales service, our machines are well received.