The honeycomb coal briquette machine can press various types of coal powder, charcoal powder, mineral powder, etc. into briquettes of different shapes. The coal briquettes made by the honeycomb coal machine have the characteristics of high density, high hardness, long burning time, smokelessness, and easy to transport.

In addition, due to the advantages of low noise at work, simple operation, large output, low energy consumption, and low failure rate, the honeycomb coal machine is now widely used in various biomass fuel plants, coal plants, power plants, etc.

coal briquette machine with double inlets
coal briquette machine with double inlets

Honeycomb coal machine’s components and accessories

  1. The stamping system of the machine mainly consists of four sliding rods, sliding beams, punches, punch seats, punches, movable pressure plates, movable die bottoms, and springs.
  2. The conveying part of the machine is composed of a conveying frame, driving belt wheels, brackets and conveyor belts. The output, power consumption, abrasion resistance and other indicators of the honeycomb machine are in the international leading level.
  3. The machine body is composed of a platen and a base. The briquettes and charcoal briquettes produced by the briquette machine are superior to other types of briquettes. They are easy to ignite, have a long burning time, and are light in weight.
  4. The feeding part of the machine consists of a rotating shaft, a hopper and a stirrer. After we stir the coal powder evenly and put it into the mold cylinder, the axial gear of the machine will turn the agitator to stir the coal powder and add material to the mold plate.
  5. The transmission part of the machine is mainly composed of motors, transmission belt wheels, gears, transmission shafts and other devices.