As we all know, charcoal making equipment is very efficient for making charcoal during the charcoal production line. Which biomass materials can be turned into treasures by the charcoal production equipment? As a matter of fact, all the agricultural and forestry materials can be carbonized by the carbonization furnace, like coconut shell, palm shell, paddy straw, corn cob, sawdust, branches, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse, jute stem and so on.

There are two ways to carbonizing these biomass materials by the carbonization machine: 1. these materials should be crushed into pieces with a diameter less than 5 mm and be dried to reduce the moisture content less than 12%. Then they can be extruded into pini kay by the sawdust briquette machine.

The last step is to carbonize these pini kay by the carbonization furnace. 2. the biomass materials also need to be crushed into chips with a diameter less than 10mm and their moisture content should be less than 20%. Then use the continuous carbonization furnace to turn these biomass materials into biochar. As for the final biomass biochar, you can also use a series of charcoal briquette processing machines to make your wanting charcoal briquettes.

rice husk charcoal

How is the charcoal making machine price?

As for the investment of charcoal making equipment, there is a general formula to help you make your biochar production budget and set your charcoal making plant: the overall investment formula: equipment production site + equipment investment + raw material investment + labor investment + electricity cost = total investment. The following is the investment description of this charcoal production investment formula.

airflow carbonization furnace
airflow carbonization furnace
  1. Equipment production site: The production site of the equipment is generally owned or leased by the charcoal producer. The production site of the equipment should be positioned according to its own production scale. The production site required for a typical minimum plant requires about 30 square feet.
  2. Equipment investment: Charcoal producers should determine the investment amount of the charcoal making machine according to their own charcoal production scale. The general classification is: production of 1 ton of finished charcoal per day; production of 2 tons of finished charcoal per day; production of 3 tons of finished charcoal per day or larger charcoal production scale.
  3. Raw material investment: General users who do the charcoal making will collect the cheapest raw materials in their local area, for reducing the investment costs and expand profits.
  4. Labor investment: This is based on the scale of the charcoal machine equipment. Generally, the equipment for producing 1 ton of finished charcoal per day requires only two people to operate.
  5. Electricity costs: 1 ton of charcoal machine equipment needs about 220 kWh per day. The specific price can be calculated according to the local cost per kWh.