Wood pellet machine is a kind of bio-fuel pellets forming equipment, which is widely used. What are the characteristics of the wood pellet making machine? How to choose? When choosing a sawdust pelletizer machine, people often don’t know how to choose, and they don’t know what type of pellet mill is most suitable. Shuliy machinery is here to give you some practical suggestions.

Useful tips for choosing good wood pellet maker

  1. When buying wood pelletizer machine equipment, customers should not just look at the price. Good quality machines are really good. The key to selecting equipment is the quality of the product and its after-sales service.
  2. It depends on the strength of the manufacturer who provided the equipment. It is best to visit the factory in person for the customers and can’t just listen to the bragging of the sales staff. On the one hand, customers need to understand the manufacturer’s production capacity and scale, and on the other hand, it depends on whether the manufacturer has a successful customer case.

commercial wood pellet mill
commercial wood pellet mill
  • Whether the wood pellet maker machine manufacturer’s technology is feasible and whether the technician can go to the customer’s country for installation training are also important factors. Some manufacturers’ machines can’t make shaped pellet fuel after two to three months from equipment installation to commissioning. Such manufacturers should choose carefully.
  • As far as possible, choose a fully automatic wood pellet production line with simple operation and maintenance and complete accessories. This can improve the efficiency of wood pellet production and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.
  • When customers buy a wood pellet machine, if the purchase amount is large, they can order one for testing. If they are satisfied with the machine, they can increase the order. The quality of the sawdust pellet machine purchased by the customer, as well as the proficiency of the operating technology, have seriously affected the production efficiency of the equipment. Because the working temperature of the wood chip pellet press is very high, timely and reasonable oil supply and heat loss can effectively extend the life of the roller and increase the working time of the roller. The raw material is squeezed into the inner hole of the mold, and the raw material in the back is pushed to the raw material in the front to achieve the purpose of final molding.