Due to the good quality and high efficiency of the charcoal/coal briquette machine from Shuliy machinery, this machine has received orders from all over the world. Among the best-selling countries are the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. We are here to share the correct method of maintaining the charcoal briquette machine for sale and hope to help the majority of users.

The necessity of maintenance for the charcoal briquette machine

No matter how superior the performance and quality of the charcoal briquette machine you buy, and no matter how expensive the coal briquette machine you buy, you need to do the corresponding maintenance and repair after using the bamboo charcoal briquette machine for a period of time. Only in this way can the service life of the briquetting machine be extended and the quality of the charcoal briquettes produced can be ensured. As a professional charcoal machine manufacturer, we always welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for detailed inspections.

charcoal briquette machine with cutter and conveyor

Several useful tips for maintaining the coal briquette machine

  1. Maintain the screws around the feeding device of the charcoal briquette forming machine, and tighten the loose screws with a wrench in time.
  2. Regularly maintain the feeder and extruder of the coal briquetting machine. This step is mainly to check whether there is a distance deviation between the feeder and the extruder. If there is a deviation, adjust it immediately.
  3. Regularly maintain the running bearings of each component of the coal stick machine. The maintenance method is to add some lubricant to each bearing to ensure its bearings can run smoothly.
  4. After the charcoal briquette machine is used continuously for a period of time, the residual materials inside the machine need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the internal materials from becoming hard and affecting the second use.
  5. It is not allowed to put hard objects such as screws, iron plates, stones, etc. in the body of the coal briquette machine, so as not to cause damage to the internal parts of the machine.