The electric sawdust briquette machine is a must-have for producing stick-shaped charcoal. It can produce different shapes of biomass rods by changing different extrusion dies, such as square, hollow cylindrical, hexagonal, etc. In the years that we charcoal making machine manufacturers have dealt with foreign customers, we often encounter customers’ questions about the motor selection and operating temperature controlling of the sawdust extruder machine. Today, Shuliy machinery will focus on solving these problems here.

What are the raw materials’ characteristics for processing with the sawdust briquette machine?

Raw materials used to process biomass rods (pini-kay) usually meet two conditions: 1. The raw materials must be fine granular or powder, and the size must be less than 10mm. 2. The moisture content of the raw materials must be less than 12%.

commercial sawdust briquetter machine
commercial sawdust briquetter machine

A large amount of waste from agriculture and forestry can be recycled and processed into pini-kay that can be carbonized, such as straw, rice husks, sawdust, tree branches, peanut shells, palm shells, etc. For larger materials, we need to use efficient wood grinder to crush them first. For materials with high moisture content, we should use a natural drying method or sawdust dryer machine for drying.

Motor selection and operating temperature controlling method for sawdust briquetter machine

  1. Motor selection method

The sawdust stick making machine in the charcoal production line is mainly formed by pressing raw materials through high temperature and high pressure, so it plays a major role in the entire process of the charcoal production line. The biomass briquettes machine differs in configuration power.

Generally, the 50 types of rod making machine is commonly used. The motors are usually equipped with 15 kW motors, but some have 18.5 kW. Which one is better? Because the rod making machine is driven by a motor to a reducer, the power needs to be less when using energy-saving and efficient rod making equipment.

sawdust briquettes for making charcoal
sawdust briquettes for making charcoal
  1. Operating temperature controlling method

The temperature of the forming cylinder of the pini-kay making equipment is usually controlled by 260 ℃ -300 ℃. Temperature regulation depends first on raw materials. First of all, our intention to warm the raw materials is to soften the lignin in the raw materials and increase the viscosity for high-pressure molding.

If the temperature is too high, the raw materials will be softened excessively, and although the production speed is fast, the hardness of the product is insufficient. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the raw materials is poor, the product quality is also not good, and faults and cracks are easily formed. Therefore, we have to repeatedly explore what range of temperature is suitable for making biomass briquettes.

Generally speaking, the temperature for making bamboo briquettes is relatively low, and it is better to hold it at 260 ℃ -300 ℃. The straw and rice husk can be selected from 300 ℃ -320 ℃. Of course, the choice of temperature must also consider the practical water content of the raw materials. Using the same raw material to make briquettes by the sawdust briquette machine, the processing temperature is also different, which requires the operator’s sensitive grasp.