Bamboo charcoal is usually made of Moso bamboo as raw material and is formed by high-temperature carbonization. At present, most charcoal factories use bamboo charcoal machines to produce high-quality bamboo charcoal. According to different processing procedures and different processing methods, the quality of bamboo charcoal produced varies greatly.

bamboo charcoal production
bamboo charcoal production

Classification of bamboo charcoal

According to different bamboo charcoal processors’ treatment methods for raw bamboo, processed bamboo charcoal has different shapes, sizes, characteristics, and uses.

Types of bamboo charcoal



Bamboo tube charcoal

Diameter 2-6cm, length 5-15cm

Different lengths, basically no cracks

Bamboo sheet charcoal

5-15cm long, 3-5cm wide

The appearance size is neat, the proportion is heavy, there is steel sound, no cracks and breakage

Bamboo scrap charcoal


Different sizes

Bamboo pellet charcoal


Complete product specifications, processed and screened by a crusher


The particle size is relatively uniform, and the specific gravity is small

Bamboo powder charcoal

Diameter 100 mesh>1mm

Fine particles, more uniform

100 mesh diameter <1mm or less

Excellent moisture absorption and deodorization performance, not exactly the same size

bamboo tubes for carbonizing with the bamboo charcoal machine
bamboo tubes for carbonizing with the bamboo charcoal machine

Bamboo charcoal processing process with the bamboo charcoal making machine

  1. Selection of raw materials. Choose non-polluting, clean raw bamboo or bamboo chips, bamboo strips and other materials suitable for bamboo charcoal processing from the bamboo processing site of moso bamboo (or other bamboo species), and transport them to the bamboo charcoal processing site.
  2. Preparation for processing. The materials suitable for bamboo charcoal processing are separated according to different sizes, placed in a pool, washed, and allowed to dry naturally to reach a water content of less than 15%.
  3. Put the dried bamboo into the bamboo charcoal machine. The volume of the bamboo charcoal machine varies according to different machine models, the common ones are 1 cubic meter, 2 cubic meters, 3 cubic meters and so on.
  4. Carbonization and collection of bamboo vinegar. After starting the bamboo carbonization furnace, dry distillation and carbonization should be carried out according to the temperature curve that enables the effective production of bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar (that is, the combination with the highest yield and the least harmful substances), and the flue gas is collected and condensed. Collect and store wood gas and dry distillate separately.
  5. Take out the bamboo charcoal. Half of the bamboo carbonization cycle is within 6-8 hours, and cooling takes about 10 hours. After the carbonization is completed, the worker must open the cover of the bamboo charcoal making machine at a safe temperature, take out the bamboo charcoal products, and sort them by shape for sale or further processing.
bamboo charcoal making machine supplier
bamboo charcoal making machine supplier