How to solve the recycling problem of wooden pallets?

wood pallet crusher

Among all substitute wood pallets, wooden pallets have the most market potential. Among them, the number of wooden pallets used in the machinery, food and transportation industries has doubled. Wooden pallets are made of logs. Among them, wooden pallets are divided into solid wood pallets (poplar pallets, pine pallets, mixed wood pallets, etc.) and plywood pallets.

The demand for wood for wooden pallets has increased, which has led to the destruction of forest resources. Whether from the perspective of ecological environment protection or resource conservation, wood pallet recycling is necessary.

Wooden Pallets
Wooden Pallets

After being collected by wood recyclers, part of the recyclable pallet is repaired for reuse, and part is chopped. The chopped wood has various uses, such as landscape covering, animal bedding, energy products, boiler fuel or wood pellets.

Wooden pallets will be broken into pieces by a comprehensive pallet crusher, which can easily sort the metal nails on the pallets. Then the wood sawdust can be made into particle boards, fiberboards, particleboards, etc., or they can be changed into artificial boards to make furniture. That will not only save resources but also protect the ecological environment.

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