In principle, the working principle of the charcoal machine is the same. It can even be said that the charcoal processing machine is a multifunctional charcoal making equipment. However, the raw materials for producing charcoal are different, the output is different, the capital investment is different, and the machine that customers ultimately choose is also different. If you want to buy a full set of straw charcoal processing machines, we Shuliy Machinery will provide comprehensive production advice.

What is the straw charcoal production line?

Turning straw into charcoal requires a series of high-efficiency complete sets of equipment, including straw shredder, dryer, briquettes making machine, and carbonization furnace.

The straw must first be crushed to the required size by a crusher, and then the moisture in the raw materials is dried with a dryer. If the moisture can not meet the requirements, it will be difficult to mold by the sawdust briquettes making stage.

The briquettes making machine can use the principle of high-pressure molding to make biomass briquettes without adding any chemicals during the period. The final stage is carbonization using a carbonization furnace.

whole set of straw charcoal processing machines
a whole set of straw charcoal processing machines

Components of the whole set of the straw charcoal production line

1. Straw crusher machine

The straw crusher has an automatic feeding function. One end of the casing is equipped with a rolling bearing spindle. The motor drives the spindle and the turbine fastened on the spindle to rotate at high speed. This can drive more material from the material slide into the crushing chamber. The rotor of the crusher machine chamber is composed of a disc and a movable hammer. The material is repeatedly impacted by the high-speed rotating hammer. Friction and collision on the toothed disc can crush the straw thoroughly.

2. Rotary dryer machine

The working model of the dryer is to send granular wet material into the hot air flow and co-flow with it to obtain granular dried products. This requires the use of a rotary dryer machine, which has a long pipe, no dead ends, the finest pipe diameter of not less than 32 cm, and a wall thickness of 2.75 mm or more.

straw charcoal made by straw charcoal production line
straw charcoal made by straw charcoal production line

3. Briquettes making machine

The structure of the rod-making machine is designed with a screw propeller and a heating ring. Under the action of the two, a high-temperature and high-pressure region are formed. The raw materials after crushing are processed into hollow rods. In addition, the machine has a fully automatic control electric heating device, which can randomly adjust the dryness and humidity of the material to ensure the stability of the material forming and improve the work efficiency.

4. Carbonizing furnace

Carbonization can use a self-ignition carbonization furnace. This machine can heat and decompose the biomass briquettes in the furnace to produce combustible gas, tar, and charcoal in the absence of oxygen. Spontaneous combustion type carbonization furnace has a large effective volume, advanced carbonization technology, short cycle, high output, good environmental protection, and long service life.