What should be noticed during the running-in period of the honeycomb coal machine?

honeycomb coal briquette machine for sale

Honeycomb coal briquette machine is the common equipment for making all kinds of regular-shaped coal briquettes and charcoal briquettes. Under normal circumstances, in the initial stage of use of the new honeycomb briquette machine, the surface of its parts will be unevenly stressed during the working process, which will cause a certain amount of wear.

This is the so-called wear during the running-in period of the machine. After the machine runs through the running-in period, the coordination between its parts will be more harmonious, and the operation of the honeycomb coal machine will be more stable.

Honeycomb Charcoal Machine Manufacturer
honeycomb charcoal machine manufacturer

However, during the running-in period of the machine, a certain amount of wear particles will appear in the lubricating oil. Therefore, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the wear particles in the lubricating oil will cause the machine parts to continue to wear, which will directly lead to the shortening of the service life of the equipment.

Therefore, after the running-in period of the honeycomb coal briquette machine, we must promptly replace the lubricating oil for each part of the honeycomb coal briquette machine.

Coal Charcoal Briquettes Of Various Shapes
coal charcoal briquettes of various shapes

Three points should be noticed about the honeycomb coal machine lubricating

  1. Different parts of the Honeycomb coal press machine have different requirements for lubricating oil. The running-in period does not reduce the requirements for lubricating oil performance, on the contrary, the requirements for lubricating oil performance are higher. In the machine running-in stage, due to the machining error of the parts, the impact force on the surface of the parts is greater, and it is necessary to protect the working surface of the parts from damage by high-quality lubricating oil.
  2. During the running-in period, only the unharmonious parts of the machine parts are worn away. If the surface of the parts is worn out due to the use of bad lubricating oil, the life of the equipment will be greatly shortened.
  3. The surface hardness of general parts is higher after surface heat treatment, but the internal hardness is lower. If the hardness layer on the surface of the part is damaged due to the poor performance of the lubricant, the part will wear out quickly.

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