Charcoal making process of the airflow hoisting carbonization furnace/charcoal making machine equipment

The airflow hoisting carbonization furnace is very common for making charcoal. Many customers bought it for making charcoal in a large scale and sold the charcoal briquettes with good prices. The airflow hoisting carbonization furnace has its great advantages and therefore it is so popular now. The inner stove of the airflow hoisting carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and the inner carbonization furnace installed in the movable environment can realize the continuous carbonization of the carbonization machine.

airflow hoisting carbonization furnace
airflow hoisting carbonization furnace

Moreover, one charcoal furnace can be equipped with a plurality of inner carbonized stoves so that it is time-saving for making charcoal during the charcoal production process. There is no need to do preheating when replacing the inner carbonization stove. The cooling of the inner carbonization stove is completely separated from the furnace body, and the work efficiency is very high. The structure of the carbonization furnace is simple and novel, and the operation is simple and safe.

The airflow hoisting carbonization furnace operation steps:

charcoal briquettes
charcoal briquettes
  1. Open the furnace cover.
  2. Lift the inner furnace out and place it in the charcoal area.
  3. Open the inner liner of the furnace, set the inner liner of the furnace to be tilted, and load the biomass rods(or pini kay).
  4. After the pini kay is loaded, cover the inner liner of the furnace and hang the inner stove into the furnace.
  5. Open the three outlets of the furnace in turn, cover the inner furnace, and place some fine sand around the inside of the furnace to seal and start carbonization.

Working characteristics of the airflow hoisting carbonization machine:

Automatic charcoal machine

When the carbonization furnace is used, to carbonize logs needs 10 hours per furnace and its cooling time is 10 hours; and the carbonization of pini kay (biomass rods) has a carbonization time of 7 hours per furnace and its cooling time is 10 hours; biomass briquette charcoal has the same cooling time as log charcoal, but the biomass briquette charcoal has a shorter carbonization time. The airflow hoisting carbonization furnace is easy to operate with high safety performance and high carbonization efficiency.

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