Many customers who consulted our factory about sawdust briquettes extruder machine do not know the working materials of the machine. They don’t understand why a simple extruder can squeeze sawdust into briquettes. Our Shuliy factory summarized the following two knowledge points, hoping to help users who are engaged in the sawdust briquettes business.

newly manufactured sawdust briquette machines
newly manufactured sawdust briquette machines

The forming principle of biomass briquettes

Most crop straws, branches, and plants contain large amounts of lignin and cellulose. Lignin has no melting point but a softening point. When the temperature is 120-160℃, the soluble matter in lignin begins to melt.

Lignin will soften and plasticize at 180°C. At this time, a certain pressure is applied to make it closely adhere to the cellulose and bond with adjacent particles. The briquettes extruder machine uses this feature of plants to process biomass briquettes.

The forming conditions of sawdust briquettes

We use the principle that the lignin in biomass raw materials can be softened to process biomass briquettes, but briquetting must be achieved under certain conditions. Due to the different types of materials, the different moisture content, the different volume, and specific gravity, etc., the uncertainty of the requirements of the molding conditions is caused.

The moisture content of the raw material has a great influence on the molding process and product quality of sawdust briquettes. When the moisture content of the raw material is too high, too much steam generated during the heating process cannot be smoothly removed from the center hole of the briquettes, causing the surface of the briquettes to crack.

Therefore, when producing biomass briquettes, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture content of the raw materials.