There are many shredder equipments on the market, and wood crusher machine prices are always different. So the question is why the price of wood crushers on the market is different?

One single crusher or a complete production line

Some wood shredder equipment manufacturers only sell one crusher without any accessory machines. So when they set wood crusher machine prices, it always has a lower price. And some manufacturers sell a complete set of equipment. Including fans, conveyor belts, control cabinets, and the like. In that case, the price is naturally a lot more expensive.

So when you buy wood shredder equipment, you should ask the merchants clearly. See if they only sell one main machine or include some accessories.

Manufacturer’s production cost

Each wood shredder equipment manufacturer uses different raw materials when making wood shredder equipment. The raw materials used are good, so their prices are also high. The materials used are very general, and the price is low. And big brand machines are also more expensive, just like clothes or cars. For large-brand wood shredder manufacturers, their wood crusher machine price will be more expensive.

Different types of the crusher

There are many models of wood shredder equipment. And each of them also has different sizes. For example, Shuliy machinery has normal wood crushers, comprehensive pallet crushers, log chipper, etc., which have different prices. The same kind of shredder, a small wood shredder equipment, is not as expensive as a large wood shredder in terms of price. Because the production cost of large machines is high, the output is also higher.