Biomass pellet raw materials include peanut shells, straw, wood chips, rice husks, corn stalks, bark, etc. Biomass fuel is convenient for storage and transportation, and greatly improves the combustion performance of biomass. When a factory or enterprise uses a wood pellet machine to produce pellets, the output is often large. Then the question arises. Can biomass pellets be stored in the open? How to store biomass pellets?

Moisture and fire protection are the most important factors to consider.


Biomass particles will be damp and loose in a humid environment because biomass particles will loosen at about 10% moisture, which affects the combustion effect. The air inherently contains water, especially in the rainy season, the humidity of the air is higher, which is more unfavorable for the storage of the particles, so when we store, it is better to use moisture-proof packaging to pack the biomass particles.

If the factory wants to save money and use ordinary packaging bags, then when we store it, it is better not to store it in the open. If it rains, we have to move it back to the house, but this is very inconvenient.

Fire prevention

Biomass pellets are flammable, and there should be no open flames, otherwise, it will cause a fire.
After the biomass pellets are produced, do not pile up around the boiler at will, and have someone responsible for them, and check whether there are any safety hazards from time to time. Adults must pay special attention to the biomass pellets brought home, and don’t make children mischievous and cause a fire.