The coal briquette machine also named charcoal briquette machine, coal powder press machine and charcoal briquettes forming machine, which is the practical charcoal briquettes processing equipment for many charcoal and coal production plants.

Although many users know this charcoal briquette machine for sale, they are not familiar with the detailed working process of this machine and don’t know how to fully play the performance of this briquetting machine. Therefore, we Shuliy machinery summarized several tips for you all here.

Working process of the charcoal briquette machine

  1. Coal blending. There are many raw materials that can produce coal sticks, and their quality is also uneven. In order to make the briquettes produced more effective, many coal briquette operators use coal blending methods to produce coal briquettes of various specifications to meet the various needs of different customers.
  2. Crush. In order to make the produced coal sticks have better combustion effect, the raw material used in the production of coal sticks, that is, the pulverized coal should be as fine as possible. Therefore, the raw coal needs to be pulverized with a coal pulverizer. However, because the crushing of raw materials is limited by production capacity, mechanical equipment, power consumption, etc., the particle size of coal or charcoal powder can be less than 3 mm.
  • Blended charcoal/coal. Only when the raw material entering the coal briquette machine is uniform, can the quality of the coal bridle be guaranteed to meet the expected requirements. Therefore, after the pulverized coal is pulverized by a pulverizer, it needs to be mixed with a mixer. This link is small but has a great effect.
  • Add adhesive. In order to make the briquette molding effect better, it is necessary to appropriately add a binder when the briquette machine makes the briquette. At present, the commonly used binder is mainly sodium humate, but because the sodium humate solution can play its role at a certain concentration, it is not too thin or too thick, so it is necessary to grasp the proportion of coal powder mixing.
  • Heap. After the raw coal is crushed and added with the sodium humate solution, it should reach a pile-up time of more than 24 hours, preferably 48 hours, so that the water and the sodium humate solution have enough time to penetrate into the raw coal particles uniformly. This can improve its bonding properties and increase plasticity through softening. This is an important link to improve the strength of coal sticks.
  • Forming. The piled raw coal or charcoal is extruded through the automatic charcoal/coal briquette machine to form briquettes with a regular shape.
  • Drying. Although the coal sticks just made from the coal stick machine have been formed, they have low hardness. If they are directly packed in the box and easily deformed, the water must be evaporated by natural drying or using automatic drying equipment. In the process of drying, as the water evaporates, the hardness of the briquettes gradually becomes larger and eventually becomes a high-quality briquette with large hardness and regular shape.