SHULIY® Turnkey Charcoal Making Machinery Supplier

Shuliy factory has been focusing on the development and design of mechanical solutions for charcoal production for over 10 years. We have customers in dozens of countries around the world. We use the perfect industrial design and provide technical support to help the global charcoal business success.

Shuliy factory supplies various charcoal machines and complete charcoal briquettes production projects for all charcoal producers with good qualities and affordable prices. We will be glad to receive your charcoal machine inquiries and welcome your visit to our factory China.

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Shuliy Factory

Charcoal Production Lines

The charcoal making machines can turn biomass wastes, hardwood, sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell, etc. into charcoal for shisha, hookah, barbecue, and other lump charcoal.

The shisha hookah charcoal production line is designed for making round and cube shisha charcoal briquettes of various shapes and sizes on a large scale.

The honeycomb coal briquette production line can turn coal and charcoal powder into solid briquettes, mainly including crushers, mixers, coal briquettes forming machines, and dryers.

The barbecue charcoal production line mainly processes various types of charcoal balls. The BBQ charcoal briquettes processing plant can produce barbecue charcoal of various specifications and sizes.

The automatic shisha(hookah) charcoal production line is the complete processing line for briquetting, packaging, and drying the shisha charcoal briquettes. The main machines in this line include the shisha charcoal....

The wood sawdust briquettes production line mainly extrudes sawdust or rice husks at high temperatures and high pressures into pini kay heat briquettes logs.

The biomass wood pellet production line is an environmentally friendly project that processes solid fuel pellets from all kinds of biomass wastes such as straw, branches, and rice husks. The....

Wood block production line can process high-quality compressed sawdust blocks for wood pallets processing. The production process of the compressed wood block production line mainly includes wood crushing, sawdust drying,....

The compressed wooden pallet production line is a complete industrial processing line for processing high-density wood pallets. The production process of this wooden pallet production line mainly includes sawdust making,....


The latest carbonization equipment on the market, high efficiency and energy saving

Suitable for processing charcoal from coconut shell, rice husk, wood chips, palm shell, etc.

Carbonized liner that can work alternately

Work in batches, one-time carbonization output is large

Suitable for carbonizing various biomass raw materials

The carbonization process consumes less energy and can recycle fuel

The finished charcoal size and shape can be customized

All types of shisha charcoal machines are in stock

Hookah charcoal recipes are available free of charge

Long-term supply of spare parts at discounted prices

Almost all powdered raw materials can be used for briquetting

The shape and size of BBQ charcoal can be customized

A full set of barbecue charcoal ball production line can be provided

The bbq charcoal shapes used by customers are oval, spherical, pillow-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.

The furnace can produce continuously, and the charcoal output is relatively high

The combustible gas produced by the carbonization process can be recycled

It can be combined with smoke removal device to filter exhaust gases

All biomass waste can be carbonized into charcoal

The machine is shipped as a whole machine, no need to disassemble and install

The extruding mold is customizable and replaceable

Different types of briquettes cutters can be used together

Spare parts at competitive prices are available

The machine can process dozens of finished briquette sizes and shapes

The raw materials for processing can be charcoal powder and coal powder

The mold of the machine can be customized according to customer needs.

The machine is free of installation and can be used directly upon arrival

Nearly all kinds of biomass wastes can be recycled

Spare parts can be replaced easily

The final pini kay briquettes can be used as fuel directly

This briquette machine can be used with a smoke removal device

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