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Wood crushers are commonly used shredding equipment for processing sawdust of different finenesses. The wood crusher can quickly smash logs, branches, bamboos, straws, and other biomass materials into sawdust, and the production efficiency is very high. The industrial wood crusher shredder is a new type of superfine wood processing equipment. Wood crusher machine also can be called wood shredder, wood grinder, bamboo mill(milling machine), branches pulverizer. The processing size of the raw materials for the high-efficient wood crusher ranges from 5cm to 50cm, and the final sawdust size can be decided according to the customer's requirements.

commercial wood crusher for sale
commercial wood crusher for sale

Raw materials for processing with the wood crusher

Raw materials that can be processed by wood crushers are various. But there is a standard for the size of the materials to be crushed. Generally speaking, it can crush tree branches and stems with a diameter of 5cm-50cm.

crushing effect of branches and logs
crushing effect of branches and logs

Many fiber stalks like coconut shell, corn stem, bamboo, couch grass, sorghum stalk, rice husk, straw, and cotton stem are also the common materials for the wood crushing machine. After crushing, the materials are always the particles or pellets and with a diameter less than 5mm.

Brief introduction of wood crushers

The tree branches crusher integrates slicing and grinding into a whole, and can cut branches into small pellets. It is mainly used for processing pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar wood, raw bamboo, and other materials.

And this wood crusher shredder is more suitable for processing sawdust inedible fungus production. At the same time, this wood shredder can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, and other fibrous culm-like material.

The commercial wood crusher is widely used in the material preparation section of medium and small-sized particleboard and fiberboard manufacturers and various wood processing industries.

The wood pellets plants, biomass briquettes plants, and charcoal briquette production plants also need this crushing equipment.

How does the wood crusher machine work?

With a fineness analyzer, this wood shredder machine is specialized in crushing lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials, and other special materials. This sawdust making machine can crush the branches with a diameter of less than 30cm. The main parts of the wood crusher include the feed port, main body, outlet, motor, and holder.

As for the main body, there are knife plates, hammers and screen meshes inside. And the quantity of the knife plates and hammers varies according to the model of the wood crushing machine.

Generally, the diameter of the holes in the screen mesh is 8mm, but we can also customize the screen mesh for customers' special requirements. And the larger the diameter of the mesh holes, the greater the discharging speed and the output of the crushed materials.

main structure of the wood shredder crushers
main structure of the wood shredder crushers
meshes of the wood crusher with different screening diameters
meshes of the wood crusher with different screening diameters

When the branches enter the inlet of the crusher, they are crushed by the knife plates into granular wood chips with a diameter of about 1cm firstly.

And then the granular wood chips will be shattered into powdery materials with a diameter less than 5mm by the hammers. The hourly output of the wood crusher machine is different according to different models, which range from 500kg/h to 5t/h.

wood sawdust processing effect
wood sawdust processing effect

Main features of wood sawdust shredder machine

  1. Only one motor can drive the wood crusher, energy-saving and low consumption.
  2. Simple structure, attractive appearance, easy to install and maintain. Besides, the wood shredder machine can be designed with both the electric drive and diesel drive.
  3. The crushed materials are suitable for processing sawdust briquettes or further processing for all kinds of boards.
  4. The wood crusher can be fixed on the bracket with wheels for easy moving in the workshop. And it can also be designed with fixed feet for working.

new wood crusher
new wood crusher

Applications of the industrial wood crusher

Branches and straw are extremely common biomass materials in urban or rural areas. Therefore, wood processing machines such as tree branches shredders, straw shredders, and wood crushers are common in life.

Why is the application of wood crushers so common? Because there is a great demand for wood products in our lives, there are also many tree processing plants. When the thick trunk is used, the remaining scraps, such as branches and roots, are also recyclable.

applications of wood crushers with conveyors
applications of wood crushers with conveyors

Reasonable use of branches is much more valuable than direct burning. They can be processed into various items by pulverizing them with a wood pulverizer, and can also serve as nutrients.

In addition, the multi-purpose wood crusher can also smash the template, worn furniture, leaves, straw, corn cob, and other materials into sawdust, which not only saves resources but also reduces pollution and beautifies the environment.

Wood crusher VS wood powder machine

The wood crusher and the wood powder machine are both practical wood processing equipment, but their raw materials and processing effects are different. The wood pulverizer equipment can directly crush some coarse-grained wood, branches, and other materials, and the fineness of the specific pulverization can be adjusted by changing the screen.

The wood shredder machine has low power consumption and high output. The wood powder machine also named sawdust crusher can grind the materials to a fineness of 300 mesh or 500 mesh, which can be said to reach the fineness of the flour level.

Wood powder machine is mainly used to process sawdust into wood powder, which has high requirements on the size of raw materials.

Technical parameters of wood crushing machine

ModelOutputFeeding material sizeThe diameter of sieving holes

Wood crusher machine video

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