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ball press machine
ball press machine

Barbecue charcoal press machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which compacts powdery materials into different shapes of solid briquettes. Usually, the charcoal or coal ball briquette machine is mainly used to press the charcoal and coal powder into ball shape briquettes. In addition, the powdery materials with low moisture content like iron ore fines, metal dusts, carbon black, cast iron dust, mill scale, manganese ore fines, fluorite powder, gypsum powder, ferrosilicon powder, nickel alloy, blast furnace ash, converter dust, sea sand powder and all kinds of mineral powder can also be pressed into briquettes with a certain shape by the coal ball press machine.

charcoal or coal ball press machine
charcoal or coal ball press machine

Barbecue charcoal press machine for sale

Powdery coal or charcoal is extremely inconvenient to transport and use and will cause some environmental pollution. The use of the charcoal or coal briquettes can not only reduce dust pollution and easy to use, but also can control the transporting capacity, reduce the difficulty of transportation. The charcoal ball press machine is widely used in the molding of pulverized coal and charcoal, boiler materials, refractory materials, medical materials, and civil metallurgical materials.

BBQ charcoal briquette machine is a common material pressing and forming equipment in the market at present. The charcoal or coal briquettes can be different shapes by changing with special molds, such as oval, pillow, round, egg, ball, column and square. We can also customize the shape for our customers. After briquetting, the coal briquettes and charcoal briquettes can be used for barbecue, civil heating, hookah smoking, industrial production and so on.

The working principle of barbecue charcoal press machine

Structurally speaking, the coal ball press machine is mainly divided into the feeding part, driving part and forming part. The feeding part is mainly to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure that the material evenly into the double roller space. The screw feeding device is driven by the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor and driven by the belt pulley and worm reducer to force the pressed material into the inlet.

The driving shaft and the driven shaft of the driving part are operated synchronously through the open gear. The forming part mainly refers to the core part named roller of this machine, which is a double roller structure. There is a hydraulic device behind the passive bearing seat.

coal ball press machine mold
coal ball press machine mold

Application advantages of the charcoal ball press machine

  1. The coal/charcoal ball press machine has high forming pressure, the adjustable revolution of the main machine and hydraulic protection device.
  2. Shuliy machinery provides a variety of professional coal/charcoal ball press machine, the specific size and special shape models of the ball, and can customize the machine according to users’needs.
  3. The quality of the finished coal is stable, the shape is not easy to be scattered and damaged, the density is large, and the combustion value is high.
  4. The coal/charcoal ball press machine has large production capacity, simple maintenance and operation, and no dust pollution in the production process.

Technical parameters of the bbq charcoal machine

Model Output Annual output Motor power
SL-290 2T/H 5000Ton 5.5KW
SL-360 4 T/H 10000Ton 7.5 KW
SL-400 6 T/H 15000 Ton 11 KW
SL-430 7 T/H 17000 Ton 11 KW
SL-450 8 T/H 20000 Ton 15 KW
SL-500 10 T/H 25000 Ton 18.5 KW
SL-600 12 T/H 30000 Ton 22 KW
SL-650 14 T/H 35000 Ton 30 KW
SL-750 17 T/H 40000 Ton 37 KW
SL-800 20 T/H 50000 Ton 45 KW
SL-1200 40 T/H 100000 Ton 75 KW

Charcoal or coal ball press machine working video

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