Three of the best ways to light barbecue charcoal

barbecue charcoal ignition

Choosing the right charcoal for your barbecue is only the first step before the barbecue, how to light the barbecue charcoal quickly and easily is also very knowledgeable. The most commonly used barbecue charcoal lighting aids are flamethrowers, ignition wax/solid alcohol, and a fire starter bucket.

What kind of charcoal is suitable for barbecue?

Choosing good charcoal for barbecue not only ensures food safety but also saves time and costs. So what kind of charcoal to choose for barbecue? Currently, the most common barbecue charcoal can be divided into fruitwood charcoal, log wood charcoal, barbecue charcoal balls, and so on.

Charcoal Balls For Barbecue Grill
charcoal balls for barbecue grill

These 3 types of charcoal are slightly different in terms of composition, production method, burning time, burning heat, and burning length. You need to consider your needs carefully when choosing.

According to the survey, the most popular barbecue charcoal on the market today is the spherical or pillow-shaped one. This is because this kind of charcoal has the characteristics of high density, simple composition, long burning time, and ease to carry and use. Many charcoal briquette plants prefer to process this kind of barbecue charcoal as their main product.

Methods to light barbecue charcoal

3 Methods To Light Barbecue Charcoal
3 methods to light barbecue charcoal


Flamethrowers are the most direct way to light charcoal. Snap-on gas canister flamethrowers are very common in outdoor and daily life. When grilling, especially when using the briquette charcoal grill, you can directly place the charcoal in a pyramid shape, paying attention to the gaps between each other and ventilation smooth.

Then use a flamethrower at a 45-degree angle to spray fire into the gaps in the charcoal. Note that the nozzle of the torch should be kept at a distance of about 15 centimeters from the charcoal, so as not to burn the nozzle with a high-temperature tempering.

Ignition of wax and solid alcohol

Commonly used ignition media are ignition wax and solid alcohol. Solid alcohol does not need more explanation. Ignition wax is made of artificial mineral oil to ignite the raw material, I personally prefer to use ignition wax. Because I always feel that alcohol has a strange smell, and ignition wax heat is higher and long-lasting fire.

Firestarter bucket

A fire starter bucket is a must-have charcoal lighting device for many people who love to grill. It is an exceptionally well-ventilated cylindrical bucket with a hollowed-out bottom and an all-around design. It is especially suitable for lighting spherical charcoal, and it is a very wise choice to use a fire starter barrel.

Charcoal Ignition
charcoal ignition

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